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Is My Penis Volume Normal? Read This Article Right Now to Find Out Whether Your Penis Is Normal Or Not!

A lot of men are asking the question “is my penis normal"? Well, mostly it"s got to do with penis length or girth, but every now and then it"s about curvature, shape, etc. This article will deal with length and girth issues, and if you want to find out whether your penis is normal, small or big, read this.

First, a word about what “normal" is. You can be sure that whatever the size of your penis is, you are not the first person to have it. There was an episode of a Howard Stern radio show in which there was a contest for “smallest penis", and there were guys with literally NOTHING down there. So, in a way, your penis can"t really be abnormal.

The average… on the other hand, is something else. There IS an average penis size, and if you are below that you are small, if you are above that you are big. So if by “is my penis normal" you mean “is my penis below average", here is the information you need:

The average penis size, as measured by the Alfred Kinsley Institute, is 6.17 inches (15.6 cm). This is the average. However, consider that being average does not equate to being enough. The average IQ is 100… so do you think an IQ of 100 is enough? No way. If you are using the Internet regularly that means you are way above average when it comes to IQ… and if you met a 100 IQ guy, you would probably say,"this guy is an idiot."

Much the same as penis size. 6.17 is average and if you"re below that, it"s simply not enough. But sometimes even being average is not enough either. Whoever your girlfriend is, if you are average and she has had boyfriends before, chances are extremely high that she has been with someone larger than you, since statistically 50% of the population is above average, i.e. above 6.17 inches.

So, while asking “is my penis normal" is good, an even better question is asking “is my penis enough to give women screaming orgasms." And when it comes to that, size is incredibly important, especially if your partner is not very short.

If you are at or below average, there are ways to increase your penis size and I definitely recommend you go for them. After all, every inch counts, and you can"t even imagine how it feels when a woman is impressed with your penis size!