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Is She a Lez-Bi-Experimenter

So many dudes contact me with absolute panicked questions about their girlfriends or wives when they catch them flaying just a tad bit too friskily with their girlfriends. Is she a Dyke? Holy Shit, my wife is a carpet licker! Damn, she never told me she was GAY!

Is She a Lez-Bi-ExperimenterHold on, Hold on, calm down. Look guys, from my experiences and from the experiences of those whom I have known, both male and female, there seems to be a what some men misunderstand as a double standard here, and I am not going to be the one stupid enough to stick my foot in my mouth and try to explain why most people will agree that if a guy gets caught with his dick in some other dudes ass or mouth, he is automatically viewed at least as bi-sexual, but when a woman occasionally takes thing just a bit to far with her girlfriend, she is just experimenting.

I understand and even agree that this is definitely double standards, and I’m not even saying I totally agree with them or support them, but I do understand women well enough to comprehend that it is more the female nature to hug, kiss, hold hands, caress, dress, undress, even bathe together, and we all know that women almost always will go to the bathroom together. Lots of women, once you become close enough friends with them, will admit they learned about kissing and making out with their girlfriends, for practice partners. After they pass through the teen years, they may never touch another boob or vagina again, but many of them have done so while learning how to grow up.

Play Safe

Would most dudes ever grow up practicing on each other like that? Most would rather die, and certainly would kill if it were ever even attempted! Come on, we all know there is a difference between men and women, and this just seems to be a part of that very special and very definitive difference. I say “Viva La difference!”

Personally, I’ve had several girlfriends, who definitely loved and knew precisely how to expertly handle and love a penis in such a way as to be considered absolute “Masters” (Mistresses???) of the meat. But something occasionally happens when one of them gets dumped by their man, and the have a few drinks together to chat and console, and suddenly there is some serious playfulness going on, that would definitely qualify as SEX!

On several occasions, I’ve walked in on my girlfriends eating their friend out, cramming one finger in her “P” and another one up her “A” while her buddy moans and creams herself right into my lady’s open and happily lapping mouth. So is she a Lesbian? Absolutely Not! Of this much I am sure. Is she Bi? Hmmm… Honestly, I truthfully think there truly “is” a case to be made for the possibility of that, but most chicks will absolutely deny it and just say that sometimes things happen between close friends that really care about one another. O.K., I’ll bite. So just enjoy it, if you’re lucky, maybe they will ask you to join in as well, and if not, enjoy the show. It really is a Hell of a show!

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