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Is Wireless Phone a cause of Low Sperm Count

Is Wireless Phone a cause of Low Sperm Count

Is Wireless Phone a cause of Low Sperm CountLong talk can be the cause of short or low sperm count. After many researches, now scientist proof that talking excess in cell phone is decrease the sperm count and male infertility. If you spend more and excessive hours in a day with cell phone than your sperm count would be low. Comparatively those people who are not using wireless phone or who talk less in cell phone. The studies believe that electromagnetic radiation cell phones emit may cause the effect on a man"s sperm, because they generate a heat, which creating adverse effect.

So those men who chatting on cell phone more than 4 hours a day, than had low sperm count and poor or worst quality of sperm. A 2004 Hungarian study, declared that men who carry cell phones in hip pockets or attached to their belts had a 30 per cent lower sperm count than men who did not.

The findings suggest millions of men may encounter difficulties in fathering a child due to the widespread use of mobile phones. Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic, Tulane University Health Science Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, Researchers looked at 364 men who were being evaluated for infertility. It monitored their sperm count, motility, and the amount of normal sperm. The research reveals men with a normal sperm count who never used a mobile phone had average sperm counts of 86 million per milliliter, 68 percent motility, and 40 percent normal sperms. In men with a normal sperm count who used their cell phones more than four hours a day the average sperm counts were 66 million per milliliter, 48 percent motility, and 21 percent normal sperms.

Cause of Low Sperm Count

So according the research, men who not used cell phone, they produced more than 25% sperm than, those person who chatting regular on cell phone. It"s too small to affect sperm, even if you put the phone in your underpants. The use of cell phone by men undergoing infertility evaluation is strongly associated with a decrease in sperm quality.

Recent meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, more research was needed, that a mutual association between cell phones and male fertility had not yet been proven. So we can’t say this is the main reason of male infertility or low sperm. You will also talk to your girlfriend that “now excess talking in phone would be creating bad effect to my health which will create bad impact to our future family”.