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It’s Not Just For The Dungeons Anymore

There is a whole new world opening up to “Joe and Jane Average,” that is not by any means, my particular cup of tea, but I’m not one to judge, and it certainly seems to be catching on all over the world, and not just with the stereo-typical types that you might expect. I know librarians, stock-brokers, school teachers, corporate C.E.O.s and even Mom’s and Dad’s that are now checking out the darker side, where S & M stands for “Sado-Masochism,” not “Sandwiches and Milk!” If you want more cum in your intercourse then choose Volume Pills. It will help you to increase your ejaculation volume.

It’s Not Just For The Dungeons AnymoreFrom the simplest little games like “Throw me down, tie me up, strip me, spank me a little and do me good,” to the far more advanced and adventurous situations that include the usage of various items such as: candles, whips, chains, hand-cuffs, toys, devices, extravagant apparati, and of course, who could forget, the world famous “Fucking Machines” that are the talk of the town and some of the most popular GIFTS to give a special loved one.

Manny people are absolutely turned on by the very thought of being totally controlled, helpless and overpowered by their domineering lover, or, on the other side of the fence, strongly overpowering their lover and making them do, or doing whatever they want to the “SLAVE” to get them off, as well as the submissive involved in the action. Find the best ways to make her cum.

Those who take this PLAY seriously, usually have a chosen role that they maintain in their life-style as well as their relationship, as either the Master or Servant, but others, who are just experimenting to see what all the fuss is about, often switch roles, either with the same love, or they have a preferred role that they play out as a team whenever they are with a particular lover who likes to play a certain way. How to make her every time cum?

Putting It All Together

Whatever it takes for both of the parties to get off, however, that is one of the tricky points, as sometimes the whole point is not to enjoy any sort of sensual climax of erotic fulfillment at all, so many practitioners actually get off on not getting off! S&M is not necessarily about getting hurt or hurting another, it is about one partner transferring all power and control to the other. It’s about the slave being completely submissive, perhaps even to the point of humiliation, and yes, there sometimes can be some forms of pain and even torture involved, but it is really a matter of absolute power and control, to the point where one lovers fragile life might truly end up being in the hands of the other person who is playing the role of the Master or Dominator!

S&M is a very in-depth and intricately played-out sex experience, that is a lot more about psychology, emotions, fear, aggression, manipulation, and includes a plethora of various sensations, physical and mental stimulations, sights, sounds, smells, and mind games, all playing a critical role in the over-all sexual experience.

If you are going to try it out, please be sure to have a “SPECIAL” agreed upon word that both parties fully understand “Really Means STOP,” just to be safe!

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