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Is Gene cause of Low Sperm Count & Infertility

Is Gene cause of Low Sperm Count  & Infertility

Researches proof that Gene is also one of the reason of Low Sperm and male infertility, because gene played a very important role in the production of sperm. Scientist proof, some abnormal and defected gene would be the main cause, which is harmful to sexuality and they take the power of sperm so the reason would be infertility. Between one on five and one in 10 couples are affected by fertility problems.Is Gene cause of Low Sperm Count & Infertility

This problem is very hard to find because it’s not very known disease and also only 10 to 15 percent people have catch these dieses.

In the timing of sperm production only gene transmit a signal through a nerve because only receptor detects the presence of the male sex hormone testosterone and if these abnormal or defective gene stop this function so they directly affect to the testosterone than the result, they can’t make enough sperm and man would be infertile.

A study found that, genetic mutation (change in form) affecting a gene, which called POLG and these POLG were connected with low and poor sperm quality. Researches proof that POLG mutation found only 2% to 5% people so might be 10% to 15% cause of male infertility. Mutation affected the amount or integrity of mitochondrial DNA in the sperm cells, damaging their energy-producing ability.

Low Sperm Count  & Infertility

In the gene these mutation involved an abnormally high number of repeating units so the longer they repeat lengths were, the worse was the problem of low sperm production. Mutation affected the amount or integrity of mitochondrial DNA in the sperm cells, damaging their energy-producing ability.

Some repeating units, which was connected by Kennedy disease, appears in 30 to 40 years olds men. This is very severe degenerative neuromuscular disorder.

We can’t ignore this problem in very long period because it carries time wasted, expensive medical therapies, damaged relationships; and depression, also disturbed family life.

So, Artificial insemination would be the best treatment of abnormal gene. Researchers proof, if they can stop the transmission of the gene to the children of men who have had IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment, especially through the process of intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI. The process involves injecting a single sperm into an egg and transferring the resulting embryo into a woman"s womb. IVF and especially ICSI may be an appropriate therapy. This genetic test offered at any age – even, in childhood.