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Low Sperm Count

Low Sperm Count

According to Wikipedia , SPERM is very imprtant for a body, because of good and normal count of sperm you satified your partner and also you never face fertility problem, its not compulsory to this problem is facing only man woman have also face this problem so The sperm count is a measure of fertility in a man. It is the number of sperm in a unit volume of semen. A normal sperm count is between 20 million and 150 million sperm per millilitre. A sperm count below 20 million sperm per millilitre is low and may indicate a fertility problem.

Low Sperm CountLow sperm count (oligospermia) is a leading cause of infertility or subfertility issues among men. While it requires only one sperm to fertilize the ovum, the odds of conception are such that it takes million of sperm per milliliter of semen to actually achieve the goal of fertilization.

Having a man"s sperm count measured is a common method for diagnosing problems in couples experiencing fertility problems. It is important to note that if a man"s sperm count is less than the normal range, it is still possible to father a child. The sperm count depends on how long ago the man last had an orgasm.

Couples who have been trying to conceive can easily grow impatient when their plans don’t go exactly, or as easily, as planned. But before concluding that they may have certain fertility problems or that they need fertility drugs or treatments, it is good to first take a closer look into the way they are leading their lives.

Though there are many factors that eventually affect the process of fertilizations, there are certain steps that can be taken to improve your chances of conceiving, raise the odds and also create a healthy environment for the baby soon to arrive. These simple guidelines can be very beneficial in improving your fertility health.

Flaccid length

The average flaccid length of a male penis is about 2.7 inches. It’s not reliable to the size of the erect penis. Blood flow from arousal, and its relationship to the subsequent length measurement of the erect penis varies widely among men. but at the time of erection, the average increse in penis size is 197.9%. Hence a smaller-than-average flaccid penis might grow to five times its flaccid length and twice its girth, for man whose flaccid penis measured 80 mm (3.1”) or less, the increase was 263.2%, compared to 165.3%.

  • A study published in the September 1996 Journal of Urology concluded that mean flaccid length was 8.8 cm (3.5 in). (Measured by staff)

Low temperatures affect the size of the flaccid penis. One general physiological response to cold is decreased circulation of blood to the extremities, which includes the external genitals. The penis will often shrink further as a result.

Causes for low sperm count

  • Infected semen
  • Xenoestrogens
  • Excessive Diet
  • Caffeine
  • Tight underpants, bathing in very hot water, sitting for long hours, over weight in which fat layers sag on testicles reduce sperm count
  • Very frequent semen ejaculation also leads to lowered sperm count and man may become effectively infertile. Hence maintaining a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations keeps a man more fertile.
  • Smoking, Excessive alcohol intake.
  • Over exertion physically and mentally
  • Zinc deficiency
  • Infections present in prostate gland.
  • Malformed genital organs.
  • Anabolic steroid use

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