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Make Her Cum

A lot of men are afraid to do this these days, because they have heard all this confusing dribble about the over-all effects of women’s liberation and equality of the sexes. First of all, yes women have been liberated from much of the unfair socially inflicted “Glass Ceilings” that were placed above them in order to unfairly hold them down in society, and that is a great and significant truth. Also, yes, without question, women are absolutely, every bit as much an equal in value and importance to this world as men are. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation or have low sperm count, then we will suggest you  Volume Pills can help you to increase your semen and treat premature ejaculation

Make Her CumHowever, equal does not mean the same. Men and women are certainly different. Equal, liberated, but very different, and “Viva la Difference!” Don’t be stupid or naïve, because women are not idiots, and they know full well that men and women have wonderful differences between them, that make the whole flirtatious dance of love between men and women so seductively enticing and exciting. Women want men to act like men, very much the same way that men are attracted to the females that act the most like women. That is nature and that is reality.

Why do you think it is, that the soft and fragile guys who just don’t get it, “Just Don’t Get it!” These softie-pies are always having to deal with the great disappointments of what we have come to know as, the “Bad Boy” syndrome. Mr. Sensitive feely sits beside her on her bed, folding her pajamas continually in his hands, hearing the intimate details of all of her longings and dreams. Yes, Mr. Softy is her very best friend. He of course secretly is in love with her ever so deeply, and wants to earn that chance to prove his love and utter devotion to her, by being there for her whenever she truly needs a friend. He goes shopping with her, does laundry with her, cooks with her, studies with her, talks with her, but when she needs someone to sleep with her, BOOM, she’s off with Mr. Muscle bound Motor-cycle Man. how will i make her cum every time?

How To Make Her Cum Every Time

Do you think that just perhaps, there actually might be some apparent and noticeable difference, something noticeably masculine, noticeably confident, noticeably in charge, noticeably manly, about Mr. Macho Motorcycle Man? Is there maybe some unknown, unexplainable force, that draws her to him as a mate, like a moth to fire, while Mr. Sensitive waits up at home all night, hoping for that phone call to come pick her up. He’s always there for her, yet she never needs him when she needs “HIM!” His dedication and devotion are blatant and most obvious, yet somehow she never really needs it when she “Really Needs It!” How to make her every time cum?

What mysterious force makes her so inexplicably wet between her legs, while her breath gets a little shorter and her nipples get a little longer, whenever he walks by? Why, when she was raised to be such a good girl, and won’t even let Mr. Sensitive see her in her bra and panties, does she always fantasize about how she wants to get completely ravaged by his strong hands, grasped firmly and tightly in his strong embrace, and held while he makes passionate love to her, deeply and intimately with his manly……. Well, you get the point. And believe me, tonight, she is out “Getting The Point” with Mr. Macho, while Mr. Feely cries alone at home! Find the best ways to make her cum.

There’s just this undeniable definite difference and women know it as well as anyone! The only one who never really seems to ever catch on, or get the memo is Mr. Sensitive Friend-Guy. Sadly, the one guy who agrees to go with her to see all the “Chick-Flicks” is the only one who doesn’t seem to notice that Mr. Pussy Cat NEVER gets the girl, EVER! Wake up Mr. Feely. Be a man! Be a REAL MAN!

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