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Make Her Feel At Ease

You’re going to learn the steps you have to take and key points you have to believe and abide by to set up your partner for her ultimate orgasms. These 3 steps, when followed and applied properly apply to EVERY SINGLE woman you will ever meet!

Make Her Feel At EaseYou want to lay them and lay them good so they come back for more? Then follow this carefully and you’ll be the talk of the class/workplace/neighbourhood/city.…

I’m going to take you through each one and explain them in detail.

STEP 1 – Make her feel 110% at ease while naked with you – IMPORTANT!

Simple fact: Unless you’re sleeping with a prostitute, you have to make your partner feel 110% at ease with you. Every woman in the entire world however beautiful and sexy, or just plain average she is – has doubts about her appearance. How many times have you heard the words?

“My butt is too big” or

“I’d like bigger breasts”.

Chances are you’ll hear stuff like that from every woman you meet. Women always think about their imperfections and in their minds, they are much worse than they really are.

Satisfying sex is mostly about what happens in the mind of your lover, as opposed to their genitals. So, if she’s thinking about her “fat ass” or her “saggy tits” or her “dimply thighs”, there’s not a chance in hell you’re going to get her to enjoy sex enough to make her orgasm.

The best lovers know this secret. YOU MUST MAKE HER FEEL 110% AT EASE with her naked body in front of you. Unless she thinks that you ADORE the way she looks – she’s going to be carrying doubts and worries. Get rid of her worries and you’re going to hit a home run.

How do you make her feel at ease with you?

Well this is the tough one because it can be different for each woman. Firstly you need to know what she doesn’t like about her body; I guarantee there will be something. She may have already told you what she doesn’t like in which case your job has just been made easier. If not, you need to find out. This should be done prior to sex or any kind of bedroom activity.

If you know what it is she dislikes most about her body, skip to step 2 now..

Finding And Stimulating The G spot

Find out what part of her body she is least confident about.

Be creative; let the investigator inside of you come out to play. Here’s my suggestion that works for 99% of the women who don’t tell you straight away and aren’t drunken one night stands.

Play a question game. Women love conversation and talking about themselves. Suggest to her that she can ask you 3 questions – any questions – and you will answer truthfully and in return she must do the same for you answering yours truthfully.

Make Her Feel At Ease
Ask her 3 questions. Talk about stuff that she isn’t sensitive about, at least for the first 2 questions. Never ask her how many partners she’s had or other such sensitive questions. Instead, stick to humorous questions like –

“Have you ever farted in public and blamed it on somebody else?”

Something that will make her smile.

For her last question say

“I think my [body part] is the best part of my body and [body part] is my worst part of my body. What do you like the most and least about your body?”

This won’t seem like such an unusual question as it’s in the context of a game. Straight after she’s answered tell her:

“I don’t want to sound cheesy or anything, but that is one of the parts I like most on you. I don’t think it looks bad AT ALL. I actually prefer [butts – or whatever it is] like yours”

She won’t want to believe you. But by simply planting the seed that her biggest flaw is actually something you consider sexy, she will sub-consciously, already be opening up to you and considering the possibility of becoming truly at ease with you.

However, this exercise was to find out WHAT she dislikes about her body, not to try and make her feel better about it. Now you know what it is, move on swiftly.

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