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Making Waves With Water Sports

Q: Dear Orgasmology,

My Girlfriend is totally into something that she calls “water sports,” which involves peeing on each other, as a form of sex play. Personally, I don’t have any interest in getting pissed on by anyone, not even my girlfriend. I’ve tried it twice to make her happy, but it makes a huge, stinking and disgusting mess of the bed, and I can’t imagine that it is all that healthy for us. If you want more fun and enjoyment in your intercourse then you can use Volume Pills. It will help you increase more semen.

Making Waves With Water SportsThis seems to be some new fetish thing she recently learned about from her friends that she hangs out with at the bookstore she works at. Is this something that I should be concerned about?

Wet Willie.

A: Willie,

My real concern is how much time is she spending with these new friends of hers from work. What are they doing together? Where do they go? Are any of them dudes, or do you think that possibly “Wet Yvette” might be a labia licker or clit cleaner?

Look, as for the health issue, piss actually has a lot of anti-bacteria and germ killing acid in it, and has been known to kill the common causes of athletes foot in public showers, if you piss all over the floor before stepping into the shower. However, if she is “SICK,” and you get some in the mouth, up the nose, in the tear duct, or an open cut or wound, there is a possibility of catching something, as it is a bodily fluid, right?  How to make her every time cum?

Play Safe

O.K., there’s a couple of choices that you have here. First, you can pack it up and call it quits with this chick, because she is in way over your head, and it sounds like with her new group of friends, you are either going to have to be regularly expanding your horizons, or put your foot down and make her choose between them and you, and let the chips fall where they may.

Or, you can compromise a little bit to make her happy, and see that you are an open guy who is willing to experiment a little bit. Let me tell you a little secret story about my friend Bob. Bob was pretty much in the same situation as you, but his chick likes water sports and “scat” action, which is like water sports, “butt” with feces. She was a “Chocoholic” as well as a “Piss pusher!” how will i make her cum every time?

Anyway, Bob had no interest in that stuff at all, but she was a majorly cool chick, in every other aspect and a total piece of ass, so he worked out a deal, where they would play her games, but only in the shower, and SHE had to clean everything up afterwards. It worked like a charm, plus Bob got his bathroom cleaned twice a week. Cool huh? Make waves with  water sports.

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