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No Hands Allowed

#4: No Hands Allowed: Is it sex or is it soccer, whatever you want to call it, it’s hot and spicy and will bring a whole new meaning to the word “Experimentation!” It’s No Hand Allowed, and it’s a little bit strange at first, as we are so conditioned by our various habitual routines, etc, but when you finally get the concept down, you will have one of the greatest times of your life, and learn more about yourself and your partner than you ever believed possible!

No Hands AllowedNothing tricky, really, as anything goes, as long as you don’t use your hands at all, for anything. Now you will learn to rely on your face, lips, tongue, teeth, mouth, chest, stomach, butt, genitals, anything that you think of using, other than you hands. It will truly amaze you at what all can be accomplished, if you really work as a team and put your mind to it, which is exactly what you are supposed to learn from this exercise.

#5: The Master-Baiter: Sometimes we just get in a love rut, and need to come up with a cool idea of how to break out of the monotony of same ole, same ole! That’s when you and your mate should allow your selves to be drawn out of your routine shell by the Master-Baiter. It usually starts off slow, but builds into a pretty terrific session where you both get totally turned on and learn a lot about each other.

Allow your partner to seduce you all over again by simply taking turns sitting there in a chair, or on the bed across from them, and simply watch them masturbate in front of you. It may sound totally boring, stupid or low energy, but if you really watch what it is that they do, how they get themselves off, better than anyone else would ever know how, you will learn a lot to take into you next lovemaking sessions together. Just watch and learn!

How To Make Her Every Time Cum

#6: The photo Shoot: I know, most women say they aren’t going to allow any guy to take nude photos of her, no way no how. So you need to solemnly swear that you will not have the photos processed without her expressed permission. Truly be a man of your word. Don’t worry; most women have a very strong, and deep-seated “Exhibitionist” quality in their subconscious mind. Once that is activated, its as easy as 1,2,3, so agree that it’s just for fun, and the pictures will never see the light of day without her o.k.

Women naturally crave attention and admiration. They need to feel attractive and sexy, so once they temporarily let their inhibitions relax and get comfortable, they will soon find themselves very turned on and doing things, for the camera that they, and you, would never have believed possible. She’ll be so hot and excited, that she’ll o.k. the development to look at them for 1day, and then destroy them. Once she sees herself laid out like a Playmate, you’ll soon have 7 or 8 photo albums of various shooting sessions in various locations. Chicks just can’t help themselves, they’re just natural exhibitionists.

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