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Oral Sex Guide For Women

O.k., I want to start off by emphasizing that never, ever, in my entire life, not even momentarily, sort of, almost, or accidentally, have I ever, at any time, had a guy’s wanker in my mouth. As a professional journalist and renowned sexologist, I have a job to do here, as well as a moral obligation to ensure that we men, get just as great a job done on the blow jobs that we receive in life, as I have taught the boys to do on the ladies over the last several years. So, in order to do this right, I went directly to the pros.

Oral Sex Guide For WomenOne of the benefits or hazards, however you may choose to see it, of this profession, is that I get a lot of opportunities to hang out with and discuss the state of sex with many of the stars of the adult film industry, and this has permitted several friendships to grow and blossom throughout the process. So when it comes to finding out the very best way to suck cock, what’s smarter than getting it “Straight from The Whore’s Mouth!”

I was blessed with the chance to sit down with 5 of America’s top porn queens, who actually specialize in the act of “Fellatio”, for adult films. It is their forte and passion, and much of what they explained here in great detail, was way more advanced than anything we need to jump into right now, but it still was fascinating to hear them go on in depth with such excitement and extreme enthusiasm for the subject at hand.

O.k. here’s what the ladies had to say. From here on out they will do all the teaching and I will merely humbly play editor. Now here are the ladies.

The great thing about giving great head is that it’s so easy to keep a guy involved and happy. Unlike working with other women, who need to be coaxed and seduced, and slowly led up to the moment, most guys are happy to just whip it out and have you jump right in there, with the full velocity and intensity of a tigress. Lights camera, action, and they’re off, instantly, without any needed warm-up period. That’s kind of nice, because I can relax a bit and not have to work so hard to keep a captive audience.

Working with guys is a lot more fun, cause they don’t ever complain or pout, and unless you do something really stupid, like scratch them with a fingernail or bite them or drag your teeth, you’re cool! Word of warning, most men get hurt in fellatio, by accidental “Indian Rope Burns” while you’re jacking them off with your hands on their shaft without enough lube. That’s a mistake he won’t let you make again, guaranteed!

The Female Orgasms

We need to always keep in mind that men are very visual, they get extremely excited by what they see, and they can keep themselves hard, without much effort on my part, as long as I keeps things sexy and provocative for them. So if I find that my mouth is starting to get a little dry or tired and I need a little break, I can easily pull away and do a slow striptease or start playing with myself, and he is going to stay completely alert, at full attention and pleased as hell.

Guys are actually so much easier to please than chicks. Because they don’t want to be romanced and seduced, so you don’t really have to work for it. They’re happy to just have a live body in the room with a couple of tits, a mouth, a pussy and an ass. They aren’t looking for erotic or artistic love productions, they just want you to let them tear your clothes off, and if you moan a bit, and act amazed at what a huge dick they have, no matter what size it really is, and then start sucking him off like you are starving and in love, he’s gonna go home, King of the Mountain with both heads in Heaven.

Yeah, cocks are so much easier to please than c**ts, who really can be a big pain in the ass with all the mind games and bitchy mood swings. With women, you need to start off slow and work your way up gradually, but with guys, no way! He can just whip it out and you start licking around the shaft long enough to get it fully lubed up for him, and then pop that pickle into your mouth, and he is one happy camper.

If anything, guys can get a bit impatient at times, so you can’t make them wait too long. If you have done your job right all along, he probably has been walking around with a huge boner since he first saw you. So chances are he’s just waiting for that chance to blow his wad the moment you Free Willy. So a lot of times, especially if it is our first time together, he’ll blow his load in just a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately, men are a lot less expressive about what they are feeling, or what they really want or like, than women. So there are a lot less cues to pick up on, in order to determine how you are doing. From my experience, as long as his prick is wet and he is hard, just don’t drag your teeth, and act really amazed, almost overwhelmed by his cock, like it’s just too much for you to handle, and he’ll walk away having had the time of his life.

A lot of guys are very insecure about the size of their cocks, not because they’re really small, but because of all theses ridiculous stories about dudes with 10-inch dongs. Now here in the porn industry, there actually are some guys with 10-inch cocks, but these are professional dicks for hire. Film companies search far and wide, all over the world to find these cobras, and bring them to L.A. to do porn. In truth, most guys I’ve been with are between 5 and 6 inches, and that’s plenty enough for this gal.

If a woman is smart the very first thing she’ll do is make the guy feel like this is the greatest, biggest monster she has ever seen, and that she is almost afraid she can’t manage something so awesome. When a guy is feeling good about himself, he will relax enough to achieve a great orgasm a lot sooner, and that makes me a Goddess in his mind, plus it saves my mouth and energy, if he can be happy, the sooner, the better.

Be smart, use your hands a lot to help you out. Don’t try to do it all with your mouth, because, some guys take a lot longer than others and you don’t want to get dried out or T.M.J. Massage his balls, play with his butt, jack him off, caress him, massage him, and when he cums, milk those balls like a cows utters and he will literally climb the walls in ecstasy!

One of the first mistakes that a lot of the new girls make in the business, is to try to do everything in her mouth. That’s a big mistake. Lick along his shaft. Flick his prick with your tongue. Bang his dick on your cheeks or lips, blow, nibble lightly, and scrape his dick with your wet teeth very gently. Don’t just suck and suck and suck, like it’s a fucking lollipop, instead, roll your tongue around it. Be playful.

Oral Sex Guide For Women

Some dudes totally get off on butt play as they get closer and closer to orgasm. Guys who wouldn’t let a finger get within 10 feet of their ass, will suddenly be moaning and groaning and practically crying like little babies, while you finger fuck their ass-hole with a well lubed finger, while sucking him off and playing with his balls.

Being a chick, I have a lot of toys around the house, for me and my girlfriends. Most guys would never dream of letting you touch them with a toy, but once you have their dick in your mouth and you’re sucking them off like there is no tomorrow, tugging, tapping and massaging those balls till they wiggle and dance all on their own, you would be amazed how many guys will gladly take a dildo or butt plug up their ass and just cum like crazy! It has something to do with the prostate gland, but wow, I’ve never seen a guy cum so much, so long and so intensely, than when he has a nice, mid-sized dildo up is ass and I am massaging his balls and sucking him like crazy. It’s pretty hot!

Spit or swallow, well, truthfully, I almost never swallow because I’m not really into that whole sperm eating thing, but I’m an actress, so I play the role and manage to get rid of it in ways he never even notices. Most guys love to see their cum in your mouth and on your face. If you roll it around with your tongue and slowly let is dribble down your face onto your tits, they never even seem to catch on to the fact that you aren’t swallowing, because they are so entranced with watching their jism dribble down your nipples and onto you belly.

If I really don’t want to swallow and he seems to want me to, I just cozy up to him after he cums, all “lovey-dovey” and teddy bear affectionate, and when I go to kiss him, with his sperm fresh in my mouth, he’ll stop me and say, “Hold on, spit that shit out first before you kiss me!” So I do. No problem, plain and simple!

Deep throating, ohhhh, you guys always want to know about deep throating, don’t you! O.k. here’s the facts. It’s something that can be learned by any chick who is really determined to put the time and energy into learning to control the natural gag-reflex of the throat. Look, when anything gets stuck in there, from a finger, to a banana, and of course, some guys cock, it’s natural to gag. So some of us have learned how not to. It looks great on film, and of course, those of us that can do it well, enjoy showing off our skills, but truthfully, it’s all a big show, and most guys say it actually doesn’t feel all that great and could care less about it. It’s like a magic trick, where the magician swallows the 3-foot sword, and you think to yourself, how did he do it.

With deep throating, it’s just like the magic sword swallowing trick, but you get to see it with your very own eyes and it’s your dick that is the sword that is magically disappearing. So, it’s pretty cool to see once or twice, but my fellas tell me that it isn’t especially pleasurable and adds nothing of value to the enjoyment of event, other than a visual image to keep in your mental scrapbook of life!

Deep throating, Oh please, don’t go there! O.k. girls, don’t try this at home, we’re trained professionals. No really it’s no big deal. It’s the saddest thing that has happened to the industry in the past 10 years, as all these little “20 something” demons now get their jollies by making their girlfriends and wives choke and cry, gag and vomit with their nasty little obsession to do it like in the movies.

You know what, you little pricked monsters, we’re professional actresses, who practice and train to do this stuff. Then you practically kill your poor women with your “He Man” aggressive nazi kinks. I swear, if someone tried to force that shit on me in real life, I would bite their dick off and you better believe it would be spit and not swallow!

Deep Throating, no I don’t do it regularly. Look, sex is all about making each other feel good. Most guys will tell you that it doesn’t really add a whole lot to the mix and it certainly isn’t any fun for me, so why even go down that road? It usually just turns into a downer anyway, cause the dudes that like that sort of stuff go through this weird change, like Doctor Jekyll turning into Mr. Hyde. They get like sharks when they smell blood; they suddenly become all freaky and enraged, sometimes getting really violent and nasty. Totally nice guys just suddenly turn into instant ass-holes. It’s very scary and very dangerous, so I won’t even do it anymore. I don’t have to and I simply won’t!

Don’t try to imitate what happens in the adult films, because it’s all an illusion. It’s just not real, and it’s so sad that some men just don’t get it. This is a fantasy world that they pay big chunks of their paychecks to witness. Come on, think about it. Big, fat, 55 year old pigs walk up to hot 20 year old chicks and say “Hey baby, want a piece of this?” And she says, “Oh yes please, what can I do for you to make you happy?” and she tears her clothes off and ravages him for an hour. Unless he’s a well-trained “Sexual Master,” or a walking “Master Card,” it just ain’t happenin’! O.K.?

Just be real girls. Suck your man’s cock and enjoy yourself, and you’ll both be happy. As long as he’s hard, believe me he’s happy! Use your hands, lips teeth, toys and whatever else you have available, and keep it going till he blows a massive load and then just be happy that he thinks of you as his little darlin’. Life’s pretty simple that way, and simple really is best, when you truly get down to it. Suck Cock-Enjoy life! Simple!

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