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Orgasmic Focus On Her

STEP 2 – Focus 100% on MAKING HER ORGASM!

Guys, I know it’s hard. I know you’re wanting to simply mount her, pump it and squirt it but if you want to be GREAT in bed, and have great sex more frequently. You HAVE to learn the importance of putting your partner’s needs first. In fact, at this stage, you shouldn’t be thinking about “Cumming” at all! It’s all about her.

Orgasmic Focus On HerYou will learn the exact techniques elsewhere in the Orgasmology guide. Here I want you to concentrate on changing your attitude towards sex. Over 90% of men are too selfish when it comes to sex. That’s often why they are so bad. Women want somebody to give them what THEY need and want, not just be a “cum dump” for you.

Chances are you’ll hear stuff like that from every woman you meet. Women always think about their imperfections and in their minds, they are much worse than they really are.

Satisfying sex is mostly about what happens in the mind of your lover, as opposed to their genitals. So, if she’s thinking about her “fat ass” or her “saggy tits” or her “dimply thighs”, there’s not a chance in hell you’re going to get her to enjoy sex enough to make her orgasm.

So, the next time you have sex. DO NOT just jump in there, go hell for leather then roll over, fart and go to sleep. No, instead, think about them and things will start to fall into place.

How To Make Her Cum

O.K., if we’ve learned anything from the purveyors of high priced real estate, the answer to half our troubles is always “Location, Location, Location,” so let’s set that straight right away and without delay! The clitoris is located directly at the top of the woman’s vaginal opening, just above the very distinctive apex created by the coming together of her outer labia. The outer labia are those floppy looking external lips, guarding the magical cavern of treasure that we like to call, the pussy.

And there you have it, “The Basics To Orgasmic Sex,” laid out in a simple and easy to follow, step-by step manner for your ease and pleasure. We hope that you have found this manual extremely helpful, and that you will tell others about this treatise, and how they might benefit from purchasing a version of their very own. Perhaps this manual will top the list of many of the presents and gifts you plan on giving out to those you truly care about, as a nice break from traditional tie and sweater giving. 

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