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Penis Size – What’s Volume Normal?

For centuries, men have looked for a foolproof way to enlarge their penis. With the advent of television and now the internet, that compulsion has soared to dramatic heights. But why do so many men fell the need to grow their member and why are they so insecure? Let"s get to the truth about penis size and possibly put some men"s mind at ease.

In fact, most men have an innate fear that their penis looks too small or is not large enough to satisfy a partner sexually. However, there have been numerous studies completed that demonstrate that the majority of men who believe that their penis is too small in fact have normal size penises.

It is actually very rare for an individual to fall outside the normal range of penis size. And the bright spot is even if it does, a sex life that is satisfying and plenty of children are still a distinct possibility.

Here are the facts:

* The average penis size has been documented to be between 3 and 4 inches when flaccid (not erect) and somewhere between 5-7 inches when erect.
* To be considered abnormally small, a penis would have to measure less than 3 inches erect. This is an actual medical condition called micropenis.

Some simple things that you can do to make the penis appear larger are to trim the pubic hair very short or shave it completely. Also, it is a good idea to shrink the belly size down as this serves to make the penis harder to see. You might also work on other parts of your body to draw attention away from your penis similar to methods used by bodybuilders.

A large number of men believe they have a small penis and will go to no ends to increase the size of their organ. However, the odds are great that you currently fall into the normal range of penis size. Try to ignore the bombardment of advertisements that promise penis enlargement and spend a great deal of time communicating with your partner or speaking to a professional counselor.