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Penis Volume Enlargement Has Its Advantages for Sexual Stimulation

Many men who set out on their penis enlargement tour only consider length to be of major importance in their enlargement goals. While an increased length is a definite positive aspect, one wants to increase penile girth, too. This way your member is balanced in length and width. The last thing you want is a 10 incher that is as thin as a pencil or a 1 incher that is as fat as a donut. The key is to make your sex gun larger but also balanced and normal in appearance.

What"s this deal about vaginal displacement? This is the space (volume) that your penis will fill when you are inside a woman. There are many ways a woman can be sexually stimulated by a man"s sexual tool. One of those is the overall re-positioning of her vaginal walls due to increased displacement.

Women have sensors in their vaginal walls that are “stretch" receptors. When the interior of a woman"s pelvis is filled, it sets of these detectors. The larger the amount filled, the more receptors that will be triggered. It"s not unlike your stomach. When you eat and your stomach fills to capacity, you stop eating as you feel “full." The same thing happens to a woman and her private parts when penetrated. This is a pleasurable feeling for her.

This means that not only are length and girth important, but the overall penile volume is important, too. The larger the volume of your manhood directly relates to your ability to “fill" your partner.

The calculation of this is very simple:

v = h (pi) r * r

“h" stands for your penile length.

(pi) is 3.14

“r" is the radius of your penis. This is simply half of the distance from one side to the other of your penile shaft.

So, if your length was 5 inches and your radius was.75 inches this would be:

v = 5 * 3.14 *.75 *.75 = 8.83 cubic inches of volume.

With the same penis, let"s say you add 1 inch to your length:

v = 6 * 3.14 *.75 *.75 = 10.59 cubic inches.

However, if you increase the radius by just.25 inches with the original length of 5 inches:

v = 5 * 3.14 * 1.0 * 1.0 = 15.7 cubic inches!

Notice that by increasing your length by 1 inch, you increased your volume by about 2 cubic inches.

However, by adding just.25 inches to your radius, you nearly doubled the volume of your penis! That"s double the vaginal capacity you can fill.

So, for men who are looking to enlarge their penises to help stimulate their partners with that “full" feeling, it"s best to work on girth instead of length.

Getting a longer and fatter penis isn"t some form of rocket science. It"s actually fairly straightforward and simple. The best method I have found is through natural enlargement exercises. These utilize your hands to manipulate the penis to encourage stretching of the ligaments, tissues, and to encourage the penis to hold more blood. Such techniques can be done in your free time and at your convenience. Finally, after so many years, men our realizing that “exercising" is the best method available.