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Phallusive – How Semenax Volume Enhancers Work – Part Two

To know more about Semenax, you have learned in part one on what the theory behind volume enhancers are. Also you have found out that out of volume enhancers in the market, Semenax have extra benefits to your overall health and male reproductive organ health. You also know what happen when you consume volume enhancers.

In part two, we discuss what"s inside the volume enhancers. What ingredients are put inside of it? Does it have side-effects? Is it dangerous? Let"s discuss on how the volume enhancers tablet is made.

Semenax is comprised of amino acids and many different herbal extracts from around the globe. The different extracts have all been researched and have been used in many countries as legendary sexual medicines. These all-natural ingredients come with no side-effects at all. That"s why you don"t need prescription to buy Semenax. What"s inside Semenax? If you read the box, you will find that Semenax is made from:

1. L-LYSINE. This is an amino acid. It can increase sperm production by stimulating your testosterone level. It also increases your fertility rate. In summary, it enhance volume and quality.


The herbal extract from China, it increases your libido and testosterone levels. This will enable you to have more volume and power.


This amino acid is put it solely to improve the quality of healthy sperms inside your semen.


Increase sperm count and sperm mobility. Make it go faster like with a turbocharged engine!


Helps men with low sperm counts, this will double the amount of sperm and volume production for men. Also increases sperm activity. They will work hard.


Hailed from South America, this is a herb used by the natives to increase libido, potency and energy.


Rejuvenates your whole male organ. Brings good reproductive health.


Increases hormone production and also good for your prostate.

With FDA-approved facilities, you can be sure that Semenax is produced in a great, pharmaceutical-grade laboratorium. The maker of Semenax is so sure of their product that they offer no questions, money back guarantee if you decide to purchase their product. Do you want to know more about Semenax?

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