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Play Safe

One of the most important things a Sexual Master must be sure to do, is always ensure that both he and his play mates are fully protected whenever they are having sexual relations, and that means using “latex” condoms, each time, every time! Latex is still the most effective barrier to disease and pregnancy, as it is the least porous and most durable protective surface under the pressures of sexual intercourse!

Play SafeSheep skin condoms are making a big come back, and they may sound all cool, hip, sophisticated and elegant, but the porous surface is not only highly ineffective in prohibiting pregnancy, but practically useless in the prevention of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Rubbers, Jimmy’s, cock socks, whatever you choose to call them, just make sure that the soldier is wearing his helmet every time he enters the field of engagement, because just one time of letting passion take precedence over reason, could be the time your number comes up, and that could mean a slow, debilitating and horrifically painful and undignified death, for you and / or your partner.

Believe me Bro, women respect, admire and look up to a take charge kind of guy, and she will appreciate the fact that you’re assertively taking the role of making sure that both of you are safe and fully protected from the more than thirty common sexually transmitted diseases that are out there in great abundance and strength.

Remember, “Aids” is still an incurable disease. Its effects can be slowed down and somewhat minimized, but there is no cure, and according to most doctors, we are no closer to a cure than we were 20 years ago, so as of right now, sad but true, “Aids” is a death sentence, and nothing to mess with.

Make Her Cum

Besides “Aids” and the travails of an unwanted pregnancy, let us not forget chlamydia, genital pediculosis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, herpes, syphilis, trichomoniasis, and venereal warts, just to name a few of the non-deadly, but still life altering diseases out there that one wild sexual adventure can bring into your life as a true and living reality, many of these maladies never go away, so sometimes your partners LOVE truly is for ever!

Also keep in mind that you that you can contract STDs through the act of oral and anal sex, as well as regular, standard vaginal penetration, and for those who value their life and health, there are solutions available. One serious consideration is that of Marriage or an exclusive, monogamous relationship with a partner, where you both have been tested, and then agree to remain faithful to one another. Also there are dental dams that can be used to perform oral sex on women, and men can wear condoms while oral is performed on them. The important thing is to always be safe and take care of each other’s health and life! Sex should include caring, otherwise its just animals f**king!

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