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Putting It All Together

Alright, so we have now officially worked our way together through a general over-all introduction to orgasmic sex, where we openly and directly discussed what its all about and how best to think about it, in order to achieve getting it for yourself as well as presenting it, as a valuable gift, to others.

Putting It All TogetherWe emphasized the serious importance of all making sure that your health, safety and life are always protected, by using a latex condom, each and ever time that you have sex. We discussed the facts that Sexually transmitted diseases can even be spread through non-intercourse contacts, such as bodily fluids, including saliva, urine, and of course blood! Also, while pregnancy is certainly not a disease, and there may well be a time when it is exactly what you are looking to achieve in a long term, monogamous marriage or relationship, an unwanted pregnancy can easily lead to a lot of stress, anxiety, tension, pain, and even health loss and death, so it is no joking matter.

There was our all-important discussion regarding the various Erogenous Zones, from the standard and well-known “HOT SPOTS,” to the lesser considered, but also highly effective and powerfully pleasing sites of sensual stimulation! Remember always that the mind is the biggest and most potent erogenous zone in both men and women, and that to a well educated, perceptive, conscientious and caring lover, the entire body, when treated properly and played like a fine violin, is an effective and erotically charged erogenous zone!

We then delved into the vast importance of “Foreplay,” and why it is actually in your own best interest to put off the hot pursuit of your own pleasure, in order to ensure that your partner is fully satiated and sexually satisfied! This only increases your value in the mind and eyes of your lover, and helps you to develop a powerful trust and respect for one another, that opens the gates to even greater and more pleasurable sex. Always remember that the object is to take it slow, and be sure that your partner is comfortable, secure, and relaxed. That is the key to being able to fully open up and experience full Omni-potent Orgasmic Outrageousness!

The Female Orgasms

From Foreplay, we sprang directly into an enthusiastic study of the Female Orgasms, including the vaginal, “G-Spot,” clitoral, and “Mons Venus” orgasms. We dealt with the possibilities and most profitable procedures to help bring your lady to some very powerful extended orgasms, as well as the glory of sequential multiple orgasms.

While women biologically have a tremendous advantage over their male counterpart, in the sense that physically it is quite possible for a female to have 3 or 4 orgasms in any erotic encounter, sadly to say, according to all the latest statistics from several combined polling sources, while men achieve orgasm upwards of 79 % of the time in sexual encounters, women climax less than 17% of the time, when having sex with men, compared to a raging 73% of the time when having sex with other women.

Men, this number literally breaks my heart, and drives me to tears then anger and fears, as we could potentially lose some of the very hottest women who walk this planet, to other chicks, who are willing to take the time to make sure that they cum before their done. Dudes it’s time to do your homework and learn to not be so damn selfish, and make your woman cum, at least once, if not 2 or 3 time every time you have sex.

My uncle taught me when I was first starting out with girls, that if you make her cum at least twice, preferably three times, every time you are with her, you will be the most popular guy and renowned stud around! Pretty good advice guys. Lets fix this appalling statistic and earn our crack at the sack. If not for her, for us, and in the long run, for YOU! Let’s not loose any more women to the other side, just because they are kicking our ass in the orgasm department. Most of my lesbian friends swear to me that they would love to be with men, if men would only learn how to give them the same pleasure that they take the time to give to the men. Wake Up Bros!

Putting It All Together

Finding and Stimulating The Clitoris, became our goal, as we learned more about the clitoris and how to activate it, than even most chicks know about such matters, so that is definitely a step in the right direction. Perhaps, as you begin telling more and more of your friends and colleagues about this Basic Guide To Orgasmic Sex, and word of mouth popularity increases, we will watch those appalling statistics balance back out and finally swing in our favor, as more and more men learn the simplicity of really making women happy in bed, providing her lots and lots of mind blowing orgasms. Let’s make this our mission gentlemen!

Next stop, the magical, mystical “G-Spot ” as Dr. Grafenberg heroically leads us out of a deathly dry desert and into the veritable garden of gushing geysers, where women wane wetly, and smile profoundly, after enjoyable erotic explosion, after explosion! Yes, the “G-Spot” does in fact exist, and thankfully so, as it adds so much additionally deep texture to the sensuous love dance of the educated Sexual Master. If ever there was moment for actual reverence of the sexually sacred majesties, here is the moment.

The “G-Spot,” learn it, live it, love it. This one piece of the missing puzzle is worth a pile of gold to any lover who wants to be considered the very best at what he does. Here is the answer to that quest, the key to it all. Say “Open Sesame” and watch the myriad of legs part and grant you eternal entrance! This, my friends is pure and absolute treasure. Enjoy for all its worth!

Moving next into the great advantages gained by all involved, by men learning the self-less art of delaying ones own ejaculation in order to better ensure that his female partner is first fully satisfied! This is what makes the difference between the primitive and selfish cave man attitude and that of the sophisticated and conscientious lover.

Delaying of the male orgasm actually works out to his advantage as well, in the end, as he is certain to have made his lady happy and gaining her confidence, respect and appreciation, which can eventually open a lot of other doors in trust and experimentation that may not be perceptible at this point in time, but will grow out of that sense of mutual concern and caring. What does that mean in cave-man talk: “Ugghhh, make woman cum, she make boom-boom many time with you!” Enough said!

In the “5 Best Beginning Positions,” we presented what we hope proves to be an extremely helpful, informative and instructive section, providing information directly about the 5 best sexual positions to start out, when adding various methodology and strategy to your romantic repertoire’.

These 5 positions, 69, Woman On Top, Mouth To Mound, Doggy Style, and Missionary position, each have their distinct advantages, both as an introduction to the art and science of sexuality, as well as the first stages in a session of sex itself, so beginning takes on two meanings here, one relating to the virgin or novice, and the other relating to Movement Number One, in the erotic dance of love.

And there you have it, “The Basics To Orgasmic Sex,” laid out in a simple and easy to follow, step-by step manner for your ease and pleasure. We hope that you have found this manual extremely helpful, and that you will tell others about this treatise, and how they might benefit from purchasing a version of their very own. Perhaps this manual will top the list of many of the presents and gifts you plan on giving out to those you truly care about, as a nice break from traditional tie and sweater giving.

Remember that sex is a very special thing, and should be enjoyed by both parties, so always make sure that it is absolutely, unquestionable consensual, and that it never goes beyond the boundaries set by either one of you.

Keep your self and your partner safe, comfortable, and free from disease and harm! “No means No!” “Age 18 means age 18!” Always wear a latex condom for both of your protection, each time, every time. If you do it more than once, wear another condom, no double dipping allowed!

Enjoy yourself and always keep learning. Sex gets better and better as you get better and better doing it! That only happens when you really know what you are doing!

We have a whole variety of various adult educational learning items available to the public, that’s why we’re here, to make your sexual endeavors continually better and more satisfying, for both you and your partner!

Keep studying and son you will develop that enviable reputation of a verified Sexual Master, that’s when all the fun, really begins. Now go get you some!

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