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Round 2 With Chuck the Cuc.

O.K., I’m thinking I’ve just escaped one of the 12 or 15 most bizarre things I seen in the last decade, and I managed to escape with my lunch still intact, so all is well, right?
“Ring-Ring” my cell phone betrays me as I think I am getting away. “Hey, where are you dude, you promised that if we gave you the story, you would take the whole story. You’re reneging on your agreement and that’s not cool.” Ahh, he was right, that is what I said, so back I turn for “Round 2.” If you are suffering from premature ejaculation or have low sperm count, then we will suggest you that Volume Pills can help you to increase your semen and treat premature ejaculation.

Round 2 With Chuck the Cuc.As I enter the room Diana comes over to welcome me back with a kiss, I quickly extend my hand and tell her I have a bad cold. She smiles, knowingly and returns to the bed. She tells Chuck to get down on his knees and lick her till she is hot. He gladly does so. Then she tells him to crawl over to Bob, and suck on him till he is hard again, and he gladly does that. Bob grabs her hair and really goes to town but Chuck seems to be having a good time, while Tom just busts out laughing and spewing insult after insult at chuck, which becomes unfortunately clear all of a sudden that the insults actually arouse him. Hotter to trot her there in the water.

Diana calls Chuck to the bed and has him lie on his back, while she straddles him in 69 position. He’s licking away all sloppily on her, while Bob climbs up and mounts her from behind, sliding himself in and out of Diana’s wet and sloppy twat. “More lube,” Diana yells in an almost angry voice, and Chuck immediately removes his tongue from his wife’s clit and starts to lick and lubricate Bobs engorged piece of meet, while Tom now takes his turn at Diana’s hungry mouth. how will i make her cum every time?

Finding And Stimulating The Clitoris

It’s right at this point that I start realizing just how “surreal” this scene actually is, as I notice photos on the mantel piece of Soccer Mom, P.T.A. President, Bank V.P. Diana and Corporate C.E.O. Chuck, trophies, and plaques galore, while on this pull out bed in the middle of the living room, This amazing pretzel of humanity.

Just as I am refining my thoughts and planning how I will write this, Bob begins to cum in a roar, pulls his dick out of Diana’s quivering gap and sticks it directly into Chuck’s waiting mouth, and Chuckles the Cuckold suck’s his wife’s lover off till he is fully satisfied. Find the best ways to make her cum.

Bob rolls off, laughing and Tom takes his place at Diana’s Bung hole, and he begins plunging it in and out of her butt while Chuck licks his wife’s clit, to keep her fully stimulated while he massages Tom’s balls to keep him rock hard and able to plunge! Tom begins to moan, and I just close my eyes, I’ve had enough. Then, I hear Diana speaking in tongues and sighing heavily, so I open one eye to see that thankfully Tom has blown his full load inside her ass and this has made Diana cum as well. O.K., so everything is cool again. Or is it. Ohhh No!

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