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Running The Wife Up The Ole’ Flagpole

There’s a fascinating trend that has been picking up a great head of steam over the past few years. It involves husbands, often with the enthusiastic participation of their wives, posting nude photos of their “beauteous betrothed” on the internet for other men, and women, to leer at, and even make some very frank and blatantly bawdy comments.

Running The Wife Up The Ole’ FlagpoleWhat’s behind this sudden boom of hubbys, willing to display their wives most intimate of assets, for all to see? Not too long ago, a man had to promise a woman, that if she consented to pose for the camera, in some uncompromising positions, that he would never, under any condition, let another living being see the pictures.

So what’s up with this new, frenzied flurry of female family photos, flashing feverishly in free-for-all fashion? Why is this happening so much suddenly? I asked some of those who are actively involved and found out some pretty interesting information.

Many married couples find that posting sexually-explicit pictures, predominantly of the wife, on special “Club-Like” websites that are strewn across the internet, is a way to add a little fire and spice to their relationship, by getting just a little bit nasty, without ever actually having to go out and physically or personally do something that one or both of them might regret later. So in this case, the net is actually a “safety net!”

So the www. (wild and wacky web.), once so notorious for being the infamous root of all evil, is actually serving the purpose of helping to keep married couples from actually going out and swinging, or swapping, while they still get a slight taste and much of the same satisfaction, keeping it clean, safe and semi-impersonal, on the web.

The Female Orgasms

The husbands and wives both agree that it makes the ladies feel very sexy and erotically alive again to see themselves online, just like a model, movie star or porno queen, getting ogled by thousands of horny men, who want them in the nastiest of ways.

The men get off on knowing that their wives are a sexual center of attention, and it reinforces their appreciation of wifey, after years of marriage, to know that she is still considered a totally hot and desirable piece of ass, able to cause some serious bone-age.

It’s like the old days of the “Key-Clubs,” but no one is getting their feelings hurt, or catching a disease, getting pregnant, leaving for an affair or getting jealous about the attention that the wife is getting. “Hey, I get to watch her get all sexually charged up and horny as hell, then I turn off the computer and lay her down and do her like the slut she longs to be. I think it’s great!” said Brad, one of the husbands that I interviewed.

Cindy says, “ I can be a whore for an hour, give my husband an erection the size of a tree, screw like I’m 22 again, and then go back to being MOM, cleaning the house.” Sounds good to me. O.k. then guys, run her on up the flagpole, I’ll certainly give her a salute!

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