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What’s More Important – Semen Volume or Semen Health?

If you are a guy looking to buy sexual enhancement products the first thing you need to do is a ask yourself what is more important to you. Semen volume or healthier semen? Most men want to increase their potential for bigger loads either to experience the satisfaction and pleasure with climaxing and releasing a voluminous load or to impress their partner with the size of their load. Okay so first case scenario is an “Impression Factor" where size or volume counts.

The second scenario is for guys who are consciously making an effort to maximize their fertility potential either because they have a weak fertility count and it"s the fact that you are less virile that drives you to finding alternative treatments, or you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving. If this sounds like you then your concern should be to optimize the quality of your semen, not necessarily the volume.

Semen quality is the most important factor when it comes to conceiving. The health and quality of your semen, or more specifically of your spermatozoa is what matters the most. Regardless of the volume or quantity of your semen if your spermatozoa are unhealthy the whole process is futile. When you concentrate on increasing the health and quality of your sperm it can lead to an increase in volume which makes each load that much more powerful and effective.

What Constitutes Healthy Semen (Spermatozoa)?

* Motility (the swimming ability of the sperm)
* the direction and movement of sperm
* sperm liveliness
* sperm shape and size
* the absence of abnormalities
* the concentration of sperm in semen

If you are looking to increase the health of your semen or you just want to see a visible difference in the volume of your semen then the most obvious place to start is by addressing your nutritional needs that have a direct impact on sexual health. To learn more about what factors affect Semen Health read the article Factors that Affect Semen Quality.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure your body is getting the potent nutrients for maximum sexual health is to add a organic supplement that has been specifically designed to impact the body"s semen production. There are plenty of semen volume enhancers on the market that guarantee an increase in semen volume but not all of them focus on semen quality. There are a few well recognized products on the market that actually deliver both and help increase your body"s overall health at the same time.

If you are serious about finding the most effective product that will improve the quality and health of your semen and help increase volume as a bonus then check out one of the following sites where you"ll find all the information you are looking for including in-depth product reviews: