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Sex is Good For Your Health

It’s a verified scientific fact that having sex on a regular basis is much healthier for both men and women alike, than to have sex on a reduced or less regular schedule, and especially compared to those who choose to remain completely abstinent.

Sex is Good For Your HealthSex of course is great cardio-vascular exercise for both genders, it not only keeps muscles firm and limber and the blood freshly pumping fresh oxygen while burning calories during a coital work-out, but also the changes in positioning and the different angles and approached turn out to be a great form of Yoga and stretching that really work the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Also there is much deeper breathing during sex which is excellent for the lungs, as they are allowed to do a much more effective cleansing and detoxification, as the couple breaths more and more heavily working their way toward climax.

The skin is very much benefited, as even sexual arousal and mental flirtations cause the blood to flow more quickly to the surface of the skin, creating that flushed look. Then the actually act of love-making gets a lot of massaging, grasping, groping, and with the heat of the moment and some occasional erotic gymnastics, or just plain old conventional persistent plugging away, there is an opportunity to sweat yourself clean.

Orgasmic Focus On Her

The contraction like “Kegal” exercise that takes place when a woman orgasms makes her uterine wall stronger, increasing the strength in all her female musculature that comes into play both during sex and giving birth, and even helps control bladder flow of urine, in her later years of life.

Speaking of birth, did you know that the best way to naturally help a woman have a successful, easy and short labor when delivering a chills, is to stimulate her breast, as if during sexual foreplay, which will automatically get all the female mechanisms moving down below for a successful and easy birth.

Women who regularly perform oral sex and swallow the semen afterwards have a 50% safer pregnancy with chance of miscarriage, as well as some additional scientific evidence that it can reduce the risk of cancer of the cervix or ovaries. Women who orgasm on a regular basis also greatly reduce the risk of cancer in the female nether regions, and men who ejaculate at least 5 times a week reduce their risk of prostate cancer by as much as 30%.

Plus we have known for years the obvious advantages that a regular sex life brings to us regarding reducing risk of heart disease, aid in weight loss, pain relief and soothing and alleviation PMS symptoms, and most studies say that sex will even help people live longer. Hey, sounds good, but one thing is for sure, those getting it on a regular basis are certainly living happier, and that’s gotta be worth something, right there, right?

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