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Sharon, Share Alike

Tim is a Doctor and Sharon is a nurse. They have, what they both call a very strong and committed 12 year marriage and they are still very deeply in love with one another. WOW, that’s pretty damn impressive all on it’s own, but what makes Tim and Sharon’s story even more fascinating is the fact that, during their “After-Hours Play Time”, they are a full fledged Master and Servant couple, and their biggest kick is to invite several of Tim’s friends and associates over, for an evening of humiliating, degrading, and gang-banging Sharon, like a common bordello trollop. Need a pill to increase your semen? or looking for the best pills to increase semen volume? Volume Pills is the best semen enhancer, you will ejaculate more cum in intercourse.

Sharon, Share AlikeIf you met them on the street, you would think they were your typical, conservative couple; at least that’s how they struck me, when I met them for lunch to do the initial interview at a local deli. Then when I, afterwards, asked if I could come by and observe the shenanigans for an evening, I was quite surprised how quickly and completely openly pleased they were by the idea.

First of all, when I rang the doorbell, I was greeted by some dude in biker leathers, who says to come on in, the parties already started. I walk in to find Tim and 5 other gents, all being served shots of tequila, served from a tray strapped to the back of Sharon, as she crawls from man to man on all fours like a dog. The tray is all she is wearing. She is not permitted to speak or look into anyone’s face, so my greeting of Hello is only responded to with a nervous flinch, as Tim smacks her on the ass with a small cat of nine tails, made of leather. shes bound to enjoy it.

All She Wants To Do Is Dance

When the men have had their fill of drinks, they pull off their pants and sit down, spraying whipped cream on their shlongs, which Sharon, now affectionately referred to as “The Animal” crawls around and licks off of them. Meanwhile, they continue to call her names, insult her, and maul at her breasts, ass and vagina. Some slap her; some even spit on her, but she never pulls out of character, and strangely enough, never does Tim. Hotter to trot her there in the water.

They then tie her four limbs to the legs of a round table, while she is sprawled out on her back, spread eagle and then begin to pinch and clamp metal devices on her nipples, and suction cups on her flesh, while they drip hot candle wax all over her body, and encircle the table, playing with her captured form and filling any hole that is in reach of a finger, dick, tongue or fist. It actually looks quite brutal and violent, and I got scared out of my mind on more than a few occasions, but when it was over, Sharon was all smiles, hugs and kisses with the guys as they left. how will i make her cum every time?

After the crowd was gone, Sharon and Tim both cleaned up, seems the Master now has to help out with chores, once the fun is all over. They said they had an especially good time, having someone watching the event as a voyeuristic observer, rather than a participant. They sat together on the sofa, his arm around her waist, while they held hands and smiled. It was a night I will never soon forget! Heck, I still have some dried whipped crème on my shoes and tequila stains on the leg of my pants. What a night, what a nurse!

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