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Silence Is Golden

#1: Silence Is Golden: One of the most effective ways of insuring that the sexual experience is going to be absolutely dynamite, is to increase the amount of dedicated attention that is spent on the actual “Physical Experience” of love-making, by agreeing with one another, ahead of time, that absolutely not a word is to be spoken during the entire coital process.

Silence Is GoldenIn these modern and stressful days of sensory overload, we are all so very over-stimulated by the “Constant Cacophony of Continuous Conversation” that we just need a break from the onslaught of voices telling us this, asking us to do that, and just get back in touch with or natural instincts and touch. Rely instead on your inherent ability to observe what is and is not pleasing ourselves and our mate, by the use of our eyes, nose, ears, and senses. Re-awaken a whole new wonderful world that you may have forgotten all about in this busy life of ours.

#2: It’s In The Cards: Bring a deck of cards to bed with you. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a boring night of “Old Maid,” if anything, it could be a whoring night of Bold Laid! Now each of you draw a single card, whoever has the highest card, gets to make a reasonable demand upon their partner. You can use this game to slowly get each other out of your clothing, and to begin your foreplay, right on through to all the maneuvers that are performed during the sex act.

Amateur Night

Every time it’s cue for something new, use the cards to determine who gets to pick what happens next. It’s not only fun, but it actually adds an additional sense of excitement, to watch the ebb and flow of highs and lows, as one partner wins an inordinate amount of times in a row, and then suddenly the momentum changes. Keep it sexy, and keep it friendly and respectable. Remember that while you may try to get your lover to do something off the wall when you win the luck if the draw, next time up it could be revenge time if you play with attitude, so be loving, considerate and fair!

#3: Around The World: This is a brilliant way to fully explore one another’s erogenous zones and get to know what really turns each other on. It naturally keeps the anticipation levels high and the erotic action growing ever more powerful and intense, as the night goes on. It’s all about intent and in-depth commitment to something seeming small and insignificant. But as you commit to the matter, its value becomes clear and increases!

Each partner must attend for no less than 5 full minutes, to each section of the “Human Map”, as you venture your way Around the World, in search of eventual treasure! Set an egg timer or a watch to go off in 3-minute increments, and no one goes any further till the bell or buzzer rings. First the head, then neck, shoulders, back, tummy, butt, thighs, legs, feet, then back up to the legs, thighs and finally the genitals. It’s Great!

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