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Spin the Booty

Based on thousands of interviews of people, both in and outside of the Adult Entertainment Industry, I would have to say that it’s a pretty fair assumption, that most of us people in the western world started off our first contact with the opposite gender, playing what is now considered the veritable grandfather of all the sex scheme stratagems, The Honorable “Spin The Bottle!”  We suggest you that Volume Pills is the best choice to increase your semen volume and also increase the overall sexuality.

Spin the BootyWhy? Because Spin the Bottle is so darned innocent. One merely spins a bottle, and whichever member of the opposite sex it points to, you kiss. Simple. No one can get mad, or jealous, or feel embarrassed or vulnerable, there’s no risk, because no one calls the shots or sticks their neck out on the line, it’s all a matter of pure luck. How to make her every time cum?

Unless of course you were like me, and spent hours upon hours practicing to control the spins of several different variations of bottles, getting just the right wrist action to make it all look like a total accident, but actually getting the lips of my choice, 4 out of every 5 spins. But for most others, who didn’t take the game quite as seriously as I did, striving to be a “Pro” at it, it was an innocent game of luck, that got everyone kissed and then some. Yep, everyone came out of spin the bottle as a winner. Find the best ways to make her cum.

Now we have all grown up, and strangely enough, nothing has really changed, as the very same attributes about the game that made it so perfect when we were kids, are even more valuable to us as adults. “Spin The Bottle” is considered so innocuous and unobtrusive, that it’s the consummate ice breaker at any adult party, so very safe to play, after all, it’s just a child’s game. There lies false and imaginary blanket of irreproachability that mystically enshrouds it, keeping us from truly perceiving the primal pulsating power that lies just beneath the inculpable veneer of untainted impeccability.

This false sense of safety and security is what makes it such a wild ride, and it’s one of the few games that even the married couples at the party are willing to play along with, after all, what’s so dangerous about a little kiddy kissing game. That my friends, is the beauty and the beast of the matter, as an innocent kiss after a couple of glasses of wine can easily turn into a lewd and lustful burlesque review. Make waves with  water sports.

Two To One Orgasms Her First

If you end with a target that you weren’t aiming for, so what, it’s just a kiss, and you can easily control what you do or don’t put into that kiss, so what the heck. Also because the naïve or un-trained view it as a pure game of luck, you can get your lips and eventually hands and other limbs of choice, on your “goal,” without worrying much about any anger or jealousy, as long as you play it smart. This means, while I can control the spin, 4 out of 5 times on any bottle, if I come up 4 out of 5 times on the same woman, who is there with her big, strong, weight-lifter boyfriend, I’m still destined to get a fat lip. So you have to play it smart and intentionally take a few for the team, in order to get maybe 2 out of 5 with the woman of your choice. “So round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, my lips must go! Pucker up and spin, baby, spin! how will i make her cum every time?

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