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Suck Seed

Q: My Boyfriend says that if I don’t swallow his cum; when I give him a blowjob, that it’s a sign that I don’t truly love or accept him completely! Personally, I think the whole idea of swallowing his load is like totally gross. Why should he care what happens to his sperm, once I succeed in getting it sucked out of him? What’s up with that? If you want to ejaculate more cum, we will suggest you to use Volume Pills. Volume Pills can help you ejaculate more cum.

Suck SeedSigned: “Suck it then chuck it.” Seattle, WA.

A: Greetings to you “Suck-it,” and what a great question you ask here, thanks.

Suck-Seed in getting it out of him,” eh, well, you certainly have accomplished that, so a hearty round of congratulations and applause is coming your way for that feat! You gotta admit, you’re boyfriend’s pretty darn clever to come up with that line. You gotta give em’ some credit for thinking up something so nearly convincing and almost logical while on his feet, or on his back, whatever. Hey, even I nearly fell for that one, and I’ve pretty much heard them all before. So “Kudos to the Dudos” for coming up with that gender reversal “If You Love Me… You Will …” line, he’s made me proud! Find the best ways to make her cum.

Look here’s the basic facts. Great Sex should always involve making sure that everyone participating is happy, having a good time and comfortable with what is going on. So if you aren’t happy or comfortable, swallowing his spooge, then it’s no longer great sex anymore, is it? That would now make him a BAD LOVER, and no dude wants to be thought of as a bad lover, so let’s see if we can rectify this little situation in such a way that everyone comes out on top. Unless of course, you don’t like to be on top, but then, that’s another question entirely, isn’t it? how will i make her cum every time?

Let’s look at your options here. First of all, you can hold firm to your position that you personally don’t like to swallow, and that if he really cares for, loves and completely accepts YOU, then he would respect your wishes and let you participate in your sexual relationship with him, in a way that you are fully comfortable with. O.K.? How to make her every time cum?

Fake It Till You Make It

Or, you could consider the option of opening your mind up just a little bit and see if, perhaps, swallowing your lover’s load is really as big of a huge problem for you as you might assume that it is. I have been told by many women, who at first were totally grossed out by swallowing, that (A) once you let it sit in your mouth for a while and play with it with your tongue, you actually can start to develop a taste for it (B) if you act as if his spooge is golden nectar, that totally turns you on, and you swallow it, immediately like it is pure honey, you’ll never even taste it and (C) if you just can’t bring yourself to swallow, make a big visual display of swishing it around your mouth with your tongue, then slowly let it drip down your chin and check, onto your tits and tummy, rubbing it into your skin and moaning like it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to you in your life. Whichever method you choose, he’s likely to end up being very happy indeed. Make waves with  water sports.

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