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Techniques to Increase Ejaculatory Volume

What is Ejaculatory Control?

Before we discuss techniques to improve ejaculatory control, let define what it is first. Ejaculation Control deals with how much control a man has over the timing of his ejaculation during sex.  Lots of men from different backgrounds, countries and races lack the necessary ejaculation control necessary to maintain sex for a reasonable amount of time. This dilemma is usually referred to as premature ejaculation.  In addition, some areas in the brain, and particularly the nucleus paragigantocellularis, have been known to be involved in ejaculatory control.

Ejaculatory Control – So, How Fast is Too Fast?

Doctors have attempted to outline premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation is also known as rapid ejaculation, rapid climax, premature climax, or early ejaculation) in terms of how quickly the patient would ejaculate.  Some medical professionals believed that if a man lasted less than one minute after vaginal entry he should be considered as premature.  Other used one and a half minutes or two minutes as their measure.  However, no one can put an exact time period on what should be considered normal or abnormal ejaculatory control.

Some men with severe premature ejaculation may ejaculate as soon as their penis touches the warm, moist vaginal entrance to a woman, even before entry, or after just one or two strokes.  Others with less serious forms of premature ejaculation come (cum) after ten thrusts or somewhere in that range, while those with milder control issues are able to hold out for as long as one or two minutes.

Finally, there are some guys who suffer from inadequate ejaculatory control even though they may manage to last for four minutes or so, or even longer.  Instead of the natural, easy control which men with normal functioning enjoy, men with this type of premature ejaculation have to struggle to hold back, and can only do so with tremendous effort and with a great deal of tension, which takes all the pleasure out of the act for themselves and also spoils it for their partners.

Techniques To Improve Ejaculatory Control

Relax – Did you know 75% of normal women are not capable of climaxing on vaginal penetration no matter how long it lasts?  These sexually healthy women can climax only if they receive direct clitoral stimulation before, after or during sex.

Take some deep breaths during sex – By taking a few deep breaths during sex, it can help you to calm down.  The tendency is to fight it, so that you feel in control.  This is actually having the opposite effect, so breathe deeply.  By following this one small tip you will be amazed how it will improve your ejaculatory control.

Try the stop and start method – This technique involves sexual stimulation until the man realizes he is on the verge of ejaculation.  Remove the stimulation for about thirty seconds then resume the technique. The series is repeated until you determine you are ready for ejaculation.