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The 5 Best Beginning Positions

There are a lot of great sex positions out there worth trying eventually, but for beginners, it’s best to start off with a few very simple “Plays” that you can really just relax your mind into enjoy successfully performing the very first time out of the gate, without any additional gymnastic maneuvers that can lead to a chiropractor visit, if one doesn’t know exactly what one is doing. Here are 5 of easiest and most fun for starters.

The 5 Best Beginning Positions“69”: I still, to this very day, think that “69” is not only one of the most fully pleasurable positions available in the Sexual Masters repertoire’, but one of the very easiest to perform, whether just starting out a session of sexual escapades, or starting out as in, You’ve never performed sex before in your life.

Called “69” for the simple reason that, when performed, the two partners seem to form the shape of the number, with each partners head and face aimed directly at the genitals of the other partner, it is a great way to start, because a lot of the pressure is off trying to figure out insertion techniques or when and where to do what. You simply have your lover’s genitalia in front of your face, and with you mouth and hands; do whatever comes natural to make them happy.

For a variety of reasons, it generally works best with the man lying on his back, and the woman now climbing up on top of him, where she is comfortable and not crushed. Also being on top, she has the ability to give a great blowjob without being chocked or forced to swallow anything that she doesn’t want to swallow due to the gravitational pull of Planet Earth.

It’s a great warm-up for any love making session, and also a wonderful chance to immediately ensure that the man is able to give his woman a satisfying orgasm, before the actual act of coitus, where he is less likely to succeed in pleasing her to climax before make her cum, especially as a beginner! “69”, it’s a great place to start!

Woman On Top: Once again, the advantages of at least starting off with the woman on top, where she is not going to be crushed or even uncomfortably pressed by the weight of the man, is just plain smart thinking. Remember, way to make her cum when they are comfortable and feeling secure. This is a great way to make sure she is feeling both, from the very beginning.

The man lies on his back, and the woman does whatever manual and oral activity she needs to perform to get him a firm erection. Then she gets up on top of him and inserts his penis into her vagina. From this point on, she is pretty much the Captain here and will call all the shots.

This position is great because it allows the woman to really feel comfortable and confident, as she determines the speed, depth, and angle of the intercourse. She can also change her stance as she chooses, and continue on squatting over him, kneeling over him on her knees, or even turn around, and face his feet while she controls the insertion with her won efforts.

Guys, while this position may at first sound a little too feminist and female dominant for your taste, open your mind and give it a chance. First of all, this position frees up your hands to go wherever they may want to go to do whatever additional playfulness you want to add to the session. It also gives you an amazingly perfectly clear view of your ladies face, tits and tummy when she faces you, and the most awe inspiring sight of her sweet ass and pussy in full erotic action when she has her back turned to you. Plus it’s a nice break to relax a moment and upwave stamina, as during this position, she is doing most of the exhaustive work of the “F”-ing, which will give her a nice appreciation of how hard you work for her most of the time when doing the other positions. Enjoy this, it’s Absolutely GREAT!
“Mouth to Mound Re-suck-you-tation”: “Mouth to Mound” is another excellent position to use either to get the party started, at the very beginning of a session, or as a nice little break to help ensure that the woman gets off with a full climatic female orgasm, before the man blows his wad and is finished off for good!

The woman lies on her back on the bed, with a pillow underneath her head, in order to better support to her head and neck. The man approaches the woman, placing his penis directly in front of the woman’s mouth, so that she has ample ability to perform like a porn star on him during the performance.

This can either be accomplished by standing on the floor at the side of the bed, or placing one foot on the floor and kneeling with the leg closet to the top of the pillow, with his knee placed above the pillow. Personally I like kneeling with both knees on the bed, at the woman’s face, to avoid those uncomfortable back strains from too long bent in that slightly awkward position.

Now what you have is a woman laid out naked on a bed, sucking you off while your hands are free to attend to her needs, which can change throughout the session, but I suggest that you start with perhaps one hand massaging her breasts light, while you begin play with her vagina, and eventually leading up to clitoral stimulation.

Over the years I have learned that it is very wise to always have a couple of vibrators, a small, medium, and large dildo, as well as a small butt plug available to the two of you, as the excitement level rises. Many sessions of sex are begun and ended in this position, because of all the various options available.

Many women truly enjoy the best sex position because there is no fear of impregnation or the physical rigors of intercourse, and they find themselves increasingly excited to give you the “B.J.” of your life (Remember, women get better and better at oral as they get more and more sexually stimulated!) while she applies the perfect vibrator pressure and angle to her own clit. Meanwhile, you can penetrate her with a dildo and massage her breasts or “Mons Pubis,” leading to often gigantic and multiple orgasms. I tell ya, “Mouth To Mound” is actually one of the most powerful positions leading to guaranteed orgasms for both partners. Well worth experimenting with, as the variations are practically endless.
Doggy Style: Warning… some women don’t like the sound of that term, as they certainly don’t want to be thought of as a dog, but I have also found equally distressing, the fact that if you call it “Rear Entry,” some women will panic, thinking that you are planning on thrusting oral sex into the situation. Seems more prim and proper women like to call it “Doing It From Behind” which is just fine with me, but most of us guys and a lot of the ladies know this position as Doggy Style, so for now we will stick with that term, since it has already worked its way into being a cultural staple in western civilization.

How To Make Her Cum

The advantages of this position are many. The man has the ability to penetrate his partner from various angles and has greater ability to confidently control the speed and rhythm of the session. This position also give the man excellent access to reaching for the woman’s breasts as well as her ass while he is performing his coital presentation.

Women like this position, because they can easily reach between their legs and manually manipulate their clitoris or put some rocking pressure on her “Mons Pubis,” dramatically adding to the pleasure as you furiously pump away. She can also reach back between her legs and massage and play with the mans balls and scrotum area, which adds a wonderful new twist to what already feels great, as Doggy Style provides the most direct, point A to point B penetration. With all these various options, it in no wonder that it is quite common for the partners to have mutual, simultaneous orgasms, while doing it in this position. If you have never experienced a mutual orgasm before, I highly recommend them as one of the 7 greatest pleasures on Earth.

On a side note: This position is also an excellent position for “Angry” or “Make Up” sex. When a couple is mad at one another, they can still have great, orgasmic sex, without even having to look at one another’s face. So it leads to some amazingly powerful “Making Up” sessions. Hey, if the relationship is pretty much over and destined for the dust bin, at least you can get a few more great sexual experiences together, while you both imagine that you are doing someone else who seems more appealing at the moment. So you can both begin and end your sex life together with the “Doggy Style” Position, which is a beautiful thing all in itself.

Missionary Position: People often talk about the Missionary Position, as if it is some sort of old, washed up, out of date, boring thing that is pretty much useless and out of fashion these days. That’s just plain ignorant, narrow minded and stupid. Especially when you are just starting out in the experience of erotic exercise! For beginners, the Missionary Position has a lot of advantages, and should certainly be considered as a vibrant and well worthwhile endeavor to pursue.

The woman lies down on her back, and opens her legs wide enough to accommodate her man to position himself between her legs, and insert his penis into her vagina. Yeah, it’s simple, but it is a truly beautiful thing. One advantage, is that this position lines the man and woman up so that they are meeting face to face, which allows the erotic art of sensual kissing to run its course, adding some very intimate and highly sexual touches to the matter.

The man has excellent access to the woman’s breasts, neck, shoulders; face and can look deeply into her eyes. For those of you that think that the enticement of looking into your lover’s eyes, is purely old fashioned romantic notions from pulp romance novels, you my friends are very much mistaken, and certainly need to give this simple marvel a try, before ceremoniously pooh-poohing it as myth and legend! It can be a veritable, mystical wonder, and lead not only to outrageous orgasms, but also to an inner journey of the soul itself.

The 5 Best Beginning Positions

If the man is willing to take control of the situation a bit, and spread his lover’s legs open a bit further, he can then reach between her legs, while doing the deed, and gain additional access to her thighs, “Mons Pubis”, clitoris, the lower segments of her ass, even her anus, leading to another plethora of amazingly varied opportunities for climactic explosiveness!

This position also gives the woman free access to reach between her legs and massage her lovers balls while he is penetrating her, as well as massage and play with her own clitoris and stimulate her “Mons Pubis” with pressurized rocking, shaking and vibratory wiggling which can lead to a sequence of multiple male orgasms, each more powerful than the proceeding one.

You know, this doesn’t really sound all that terribly boring at all, once you really start to think about it. The Missionary Position, hmmmmmm, wait, ….. the missionaries were supposedly pretty close to God right, and it seems to me, from my experience, that this position can get you pretty darned close to Heaven, if you take the time to learn to work it with patience and precision, as you get better and better at “Coital Encounters of the Third Kind!”

Alright, so there we have it. 5 really great positions to get things started with. Dive in and enjoy yourself, and remember, always wear the protection of a latex condom!

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