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The Art Of Erotic Kissing

If you’re ever going to be considered a “GREAT LOVER,” there is one thing that you absolutely need to learn to do to perfection. KISS. (Keep It SUPER, Stupid!) Some people like to loosely toss around the old adage that “Practice makes Perfect,” but that is total “bull-shit,” whether you are talking about mastering chess, violin, or sex. I think we all subconsciously know it, don’t we? “Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect,” only “PERFECT Practice Makes Perfect!” Such is the truth in the Art of Erotic Kissing.

The Art Of Erotic KissingThe Sexual Masters throughout the ages all knew that this is the true, magical “Back-Door to the Back Door” if you know what I mean. They understood that it didn’t matter if you don’t have the most attractive face, the highest position of power, money or fame, the most Adonis-like physique, or the largest dick in the kingdom, they simply knew the “Back To Basics” primary tactic used to get happily and easily into a woman’s vagina. Just like the old saying wisely taught us, “The way to a woman’s pussy is through her MOUTH!” “Learn to kiss her RIGHT, Bang the Babe All Night!”

The secret to highly erotic kissing is the playful act of seduction. This is the continual give and take of love making, and it all starts out with the very first kiss. Brush her lips gently with your lips, creating the allusion that you are about to plant one directly on her, but then at the last second, instead lightly kiss her neck or cheek. It’s all about creating anticipation, and a state of desire, when she never knows if her expectation will be fulfilled or denied. Constantly, a dance of one step forward, one half step back, drives her deeper and deeper into a frenzied state of lust and sexual need!

The Female Orgasms

Begin to kiss her lips gently, massaging then with your lips, and even eventually lightly nibbling, without biting, with your teeth. Momentarily penetrate her moth with your tongue, only to retract it again and kiss her lips, neck, shoulder and cheek. Give her a little more tongue, lightly begin to massage her tongue with yours, then slowly take it away again, and watch her tongue follow yours out, trying to reclaim it’s play mate, and providing you now full and entire access to the woman’ tongue.

This is the same chick who normally makes you work your ass-off for a kiss, and certainly doesn’t give up any full mouth and tongue action. Now she is trying to jam her tongue down your throat and swallow your soul whole, because you have used timing, patience, and the “Give and Take!” Offer her a little more, then retreat, allow her to come forwards to fill the void created by your withdrawal, making her all that more vulnerably accessible to you, as you skillfully create an air of heightened anticipation, arousal and desire. The trick is to make her want you more than she thinks you want her.

Then she will want to be taken and subdued, to be made love to, and perhaps even done dirty like an animal, but you must first earn the right to conquer and possess her, and it’s all done through the wonders of KISSING! A man’s best friend is a chick that will let him practice his technique and give him honest and sincere feedback. Find Her!

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