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The Bargain Bin

#10: The Bargain Bin: Improve in the fine art of negotiation and spark up some serious flames, as you both agree to enter the world famous bargain bin. Here, all the options in the entire world are suddenly at your feet, as you learn what truly turns your lover on and what makes them tick, plus strengthen your communication skills. Always a great game, because everyone walks away a getting something they would normally be denied or embarrassed to ask for.

The Bargain BinTwo players begin, fully clothed, and not touching one another. Now, each progressive move of the love dance must be clearly addressed, as the two partners express in detail, exactly what they want from one another, defining the details of the arrangement in clear terms, what they expect in exchange for fulfilling each request. The haggling begins, as they try to negotiate “Deals for Feels.” Anything goes and anything is on the table. It’s all a matter of seeing what you can get and what you have to give up to get it. The sky is the limit.

#11: Behind the Veiled Curtain: This is actually a pretty interesting concept, because it also leads to some amazingly powerful sexual satisfaction, at the most raw and purely animalistic levels. The Curtain goes almost completely in the opposite direction of most of the other techniques that are used to get closer, deeper, more intimately connected to your lover. Behind the Veiled Curtain makes it all about YOU and what you want!

Your lover, gets behind a sheet or blanket which completely separates you from seeing one another or making any contact at all. Then, like in the “Glory Hole” concept, their genitalia or mouth, or what ever you demand services you through a small hole just large enough to do your business, without any conversation other than your occasional demands of what you want. Other than that, no conversation, seduction, hugging, kissing or mind games, just pure unadulterated sex. Get in, get out, and you’re done. It’s hot!

The Female Orgasms

#12: Let it Build: Most people, especially guys, are always in such a hurry to get their big orgasm, that they really cheat themselves and their lover out of seeing just how amazing things can really get, with just a little bit of patience and care.

Why always race to the climax? That’s like sitting down to a gourmet meal, and shoveling it all into your mouth in 3 minutes. You never really tasted what was available to you. The intricacies, the unique distinctions, all a blur for your “Need For Speed!”

Slow down, let it build. When you feel yourself getting ready to cum, Slow down or stop completely. When the sensation subsides, begin again. Each time it builds up, the intensity multiplies exponentially. So, instead of a firecracker, your orgasm will eventually be a nuclear explosion or a super nova. Let it build! You owe it to yourself.

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