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The Causes of Low Sex Drive

A lack of sex drive (otherwise known as lack of libido) is fairly uncommon in men. Even men who struggle to maintain an erection (Erectile dysfunction) generally have a normal sex drive so the two conditions should not be confused and does not mean just because a man suffers from a lack of libido that he is unable to have sex, this is not always the case. It is usual for men to lose the desire and interest to have sex once they get older and in some instances, some men have never felt any sexual desire although this is extremely rare.

Like with women with a low libido or no libido, the causes for a man’s low libido can be either physical or psychological.

Physical causes include:

  • Drug abuse.
  • This is a very common cause and also in those who are very heavy drinkers.
  • This is quite rare but possible, especially if the man has been bleeding for any reason.
  • Diabetes or any other serious disease.
  • Low testosterone level. This is usually the case if injury has been sustained to the testicles or the man has suffered an illness, otherwise this cause is very rare.
  • This is a rare disorder in which the pituitary gland produces too much of the hormone Prolactin.
  • Certain medications can have the unwanted effect of lack of sexual desire in men.

Psychological causes can include:

  • This is a very common psychological cause in lack of libido.
  • Insecurities and hang-ups from childhood, particularly if a man was brought up by his parents to believe that sex was wrong or ‘dirty’.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Stress in the workplace.
  • The man could be secretly harbouring homosexual feelings or is a homosexual and unable to accept it.

There are no pharmaceutical medicines that will help to increase a low sex drive, unless it is determined that you are suffering from a testosterone deficiency although it is still worth a visit to your GP as they may be able to help. It is normal for your GP to refer to a specialist depending on the cause of your low sex drive but the good news is most causes can be successfully treated by therapy.

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