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The Vagina is like a Lovely Flower

Hey Guys, tell me the truth, have you ever noticed that women tend to like flowers a lot? Have you also noticed that when you bring a woman flowers, or get her out into a garden, where there are a lot of flowers, she seems to get really romantic and often sexually aroused? O.K. Dudes, do you need me to connect the dots here for you, or can you start to see the pattern clearly forming in front of your eyes, as you read these words.

The Vagina is like a Lovely FlowerThe vagina is like a lovely flower, and like anything else, when it is surrounded by comfortable, recognizably safe and secure, homelike surroundings, it can come out and play more readily, more comfortably, and very importantly, more often. Do I need to say any more? Eh, ….. probably so. O.k.!

Look, it goes as far back as ancient seduction history of the professionally trained lovers of lore. These Sexual Masters used to always come freshly prepared with a wondrously beautiful bouquet of aromatic and visually stunning flowers; to lavish upon their lady of choice, and begin the process of her natural inclination to begin loosening up her own petals. Also, at every possible opportunity that a-rose (pun intended), the Sexual Master would lure the ravenous beauty out into the local flower garden, in order to more further court her affections and bring her natural perfumy inner essence into play.

Then there would often be rose petals or lilac spread across the bed, or placed within a relaxing hot bath to release his lover’s stress, anxiety and tensions. Some even went so far as to place ground flower petals in the wine, a fresh blossoms in the water that was to be drank in order to refresh his partner, should she ever grow thirsty, or HOT!

Hmmmmmm, do you think that maybe they might have known something that we guys, in this day and age, should perhaps, at least stop to consider? Dudes, while you should never use flowers as a way to get a chick to go out with you, because it simply, automatically puts you on the “Loser List” in her mind, as an easy, conventional, weak, pushover, once you both know that there is a spark between you and her, then definitely “Shower her in Flowers.” Make sure that they are always around her in mass quantities.

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Take her to beautiful gardens, and let her stand there and breath it all in, as you massage her back and shoulders, telling her that she is by far the loveliest flower in the whole place. At dinner, buy her that $10.00 rose that the annoying little maggot sales person always tries to guilt you into purchasing for her when you take her out. Most guys don’t buy her the rose, so when you do; you’re making a huge impression. Next time you’re seated across from her at the dinner table, and that cockroach flower-seller snivels up to your table, just stare deeply into her cleavage, think fondly of that glorious ass, with legs up to her neck, and imaging sniffing deeply of the flower awaiting you, betwixt her legs. Now decide if that rose isn’t the best investment you’ve made this month. As her rose, achieved by any other means, would smell as sweet. And $10.00 is quite a bargain.

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