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Tips To Make Her Cum Every Time

So, for example, lets say you’re trying to get a hold of those beautiful, shapely, firm and luscious tits of hers. In your mind, all you can think about right now is how much you really, really want those boobies. Fine. Here’s what you do: During the “Friendly and Innocent” massage, begin to caress her tummy, her sides, her shoulders, her neck, her ears and then every once in a while, “ACCIDENTALLY” brush or barely
lightly graze across her breasts.

Tips To Make Her Cum Every TimeNow is the moment of truth, you confidently head on back to her chest, and quite directly, without any question about your intent at all, grab firmly upon those female fun-bags, and begin to assertively massage them with deep intent. Begin to gently separate them from one another, and then with steadfast hands, in an unflinching and courageous manner, start to manually rotate her breasts, in opposite directions, which really stretches out and soothes the muscles behind the boobies, holding them up all day long, releasing a tremendous amount of stress and tension which naturally feels really good to the lady in question, besides the fact that some strong manly dude is playing with her tits, which is a great sexual stimulus all in itself.

Then, suddenly just as we had agreed upon, you instantly back off from the breasts, and go back down to massaging her waist, belly, sides, neck, ears, and shoulders again. You absolutely under no condition, touch her breasts at all. No matter what!

Now behold the magical wonder of the “1 step forward, ½ step back” technique. What’s going to happen? That’s easy, she will sense something is up. Why did you suddenly abandon her tits? Aren’t they big, soft, nice, firm, pretty (You fill in the multiple possible blanks) enough for you and are you loosing interest in her? Is she no longer attractive, sexy and desirable in your eyes?

Well, she’s not going to put up with getting dumped all of a sudden crap from any dude, without a good fight to defend her ego, and the best way for a woman to fight with a man is to make him fuck her. So she will instantly do whatever it takes to close the gap that you just created, by pulling you down on top of her and sticking her titties in your face, offering them to you to admire and suckle to your hearts content.

How To Make Her Cum

Hmmmm, let’s look at that again in slow motion shall we. You wanted her tits more than anything in the known world. Normally women make you have to earn the right and work for the opportunity of getting your hands on their tits. They play mental games and make you jump through burning hoops of fire, to just barely get your friggin’ fingertips on one boob for about 30 seconds. But wait, now you have played the “1 Step Forward, ½ Step Back” game, and wonders of all wonders, She is grabbing your face and pulling it in to suck on her beautiful naked breasts as if it this is an act of charity that you are doing for her.

O.k., shall we compare results (A) You desperately fight and endure tremendous psychological warfare and torture in hopes of maybe momentarily touching a single hooter with your finger tip. Or, (B) You have those lovely naked boobies shoved in your face with enthusiasm, while she begs you to suck on both of them playfully, till the cows come home.

Hmmmm, tough decision, but I suppose if I must choose, I’ll have to go with (B), and for those of you that would care to join me in that decision, just remember that it’s the dance of life, where the man is supposed to take the lead, “one step forward and a half step back!”

Keep this firmly in mind at all times, and you will soon discover that you too have the power to make her cum, each and every time you are with her. Remember, “Better a “Master Lover,” than loving by masturbating!”

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