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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare” is that wonderful old children’s game that was always much better played by adults. Why? Because adults have more interesting and exotically erotic experiences to tell the truth about, and when an adult is dared to do something completely off the wall, they either subconsciously really want to do it in the back of their mind, or they have already seen enough crazy shit in their life, that at this point, it probably doesn’t really matter a hill of beans anymore, any way!

Truth or DareThe game can be played by as few as two people, or by as many as possible, in a large group, which always leads to a lot of good, clean, wholesome fun! One person turns to another person in the group and asks: “Truth or Dare?” That person then must choose one or the other. If they decide, “truth,” then they have to answer, with absolute, total and complete “TRUTH,” some, usually very personal, and often very sexual, question. If the person answers “Dare,” then they are usually “dared” to perform some unusual and out-of-character act, which, again, usually happens to be very personal, and sexual in nature.

This is a very powerful game, in that it is strategically set-up to get the female participants sexually stimulated, without them even realizing it, by using a huge, healthy heaping, helping of reverse psychology, and calling upon the precious little darlings to do one of their all-time favorite things, in all the whole world, which is to TALK!

That is the secret ingredient that most people just don’t understand in the magical mystery of truth or dare. The Real object is not to get the women to flash, strip or perform some erotic behavior, as soon as you can possibly get her to do so. NO! NO! NO! The idea is to get her to start talking about sex, as soon as you can possibly get her to do so.

Women love to talk, it is their natural instinctive reaction to just about every situation imaginable. Also, the funny part is, women think that they know, that in the guy’s mind, the goal is to get them to pick “DARE, ” so the dude can make them pull off their top, take down their pants, or French kiss the pimply, stinky, ugly guy or perhaps her best girlfriend. Either way, the chick thinks the goal for the dude is to get her to choose “Dare,” so naturally, it is her very nature to instinctively pick “Truth!”

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Victory!!! You see that’s what you really want. Women are very deeply emotionally connected to the things that they talk about. This is why one sad girlfriend can tell her two best friends about her sudden break-up with her boyfriend, and pretty soon you have 3 crying girls, bawling away, like their puppy just got hit by a car. So when the girl starts talking openly about the subject of sex, she instantly begins to feel sexy, and then eventually horny. This is very good for the game, because, once she is feeling sexy and horny, there really is nothing you can’t “Dare” her to do, nor nothing that you can do to stop her, once she goes off into that wild and crazy slut mode. This is a truly beautiful and wondrous thing to behold, and it brings a tear of joy to my eye each time I witness and experience it for myself! You simply can’t lose. Play “Truth or Dare!”

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