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Twisted Twister

Right hand blue, left foot red, right foot yellow, left hand green! I know, I know, in some ways, it was the stupidest game ever invented in the whole wide world. Then during those wondrous years of puberty, something absolutely amazing happened. You were at another idiotic birthday party, and as usual, no one was paying any attention to you at all, as you agonized away the hours, minute by endless minute, hugging the wall with your back, the “Outsider,” hoping the damned thing would just end! Then someone brought out “Twister” and your whole life suddenly changed in a single instant. If you want more cum in your intercourse then choose Volume Pills. It will help you to increase your ejaculation volume.

Twisted TwisterWe’ve all been there. Twister, what a totally ridiculous game, yet suddenly there you are, entangled in a pretzel of humming humanity, with Cindy’s tit smashed firmly into your face, Marsha’s party dress simply not long enough to endure that awkward position, and simultaneously succeed at covering those brand new lacy panties, and with your arm stretched as far as you can possibly bear it, between the legs of Donna, there is now far more than mere victory on your mind, as the whole group collapses into a pulsating pile of undulating and wriggling flesh, and yep, your arm is still stretched out and now futilely pinned between Donna’s wiggling legs, as she struggles to get her balance and regain her footing, but you don’t mind the inconvenience all that much, as she slowly caresses and massages your bare fore-arm with her lightly-pantied crotch. How to make her every time cum?

Well it’s only gotten better over the years. Twister is a totally great game for adult parties, because while appearing to be so childish and innocent, it allows women to let loose their inner slut and lets the guys all get a good grinding grab at every babe in the room, stuck up bitches, who only ten minutes ago, wouldn’t give you the time of day.

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Fact: Adult parties often involve the drinking of alcohol as well as the occasional imbibing of other mind altering, inhibition relaxing substances, so the mood is often perfectly primed for some seriously erotic activity by the time the ole’ Twister is laid out on the floor, with a large percentage of the female party goers to be laid out on the floor not too long afterward. Find the best ways to make her cum.

Many women, whom I have talked with over the years, admit that it truly is the perfect combination, alcohol and Twister, that allows them to act out many of their horny desires and sensual fantasies, or be just a little bit naughtier than they would normally willingly be, without having to take responsibility for their actions, knowing they can always claim the next day, that they must have been totally smashed, because they can’t remember a thing they did after the 2nd hour of the little get together. So they clearly understand the purpose of the game, and play it to their advantage at least as well as the guys, if not better! how will i make her cum every time?

One thing can be for said for absolute certain, all it takes is a room full of playful and partying adults, plus a simple white plastic mat with some colored dots printed on it, a cardboard grid with a tiny black metal spinner, and “No-one leaves empty handed!

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