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Two To One Orgasms Her First

STEP 3 – She should orgasm BEFORE you allow yourself to

A 2 to 1 system should always be adopted. You need to adjust your mind to think that SHE needs to orgasm TWICE to your once. So, if you can, you need to try to get her to orgasm BEFORE you even touch her with your penis. Yes, that’s right. BEFORE. How do you do that? Well, it’s simple really and it’s called foreplay.

Two To One Orgasms Her FirstFOREPLAY’S one of those dreaded words men often don’t understand, and wished didn’t exist. But it’s VERY important to your woman. And remember, if she’s pleasured, she will pleasure you back in return. You should BRING HER TO ORGASM PRIOR TO HAVING PENETRATIVE SEX WITH HER.

Actually this is not that hard of a thing to accomplish. When I was about 15 years old, I had a very important person in my life tell me:

“Woody, if you make it a point to make sure that every woman that you’re with, cums at least twice before you do, I guarantee that you’ll never have a lonely night in your entire life!”

Make Her Cum

You know what, after all those many years; it still rings out as if it were just yesterday.

I took those words to heart, and I began studying, reading, experimenting and asking as many questions as I could, always paying close attention to what people shared with me, because the hidden diamonds of literally centuries of sexual mastery were constantly being handed down, in small, tiny bits at a time, and one never knew where the next piece might come from. Each little part, slowly all coming together, like a puzzle, so that eventually, you can see the “HOLE PICTURE! (Pun Intended!)

The ins and outs of this are covered elsewhere in the guide. For now, just get it sunk nice and deeply into your mind the changed method of thinking that I present to you.

It’s about HER enjoying herself. Your enjoyment will follow. If you do this right, you get regular sex – VERY REGULAR SEX. So think less about getting your rocks off and more about her getting hers off, and you’re onto a winner, and she’s onto your wiener.

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