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Tying Up Loose Ends

First of all, I was amazed to discover just how many of the couples that I interviewed for the “SEX GAMES” section of this guide, are seriously “Wrapped Up” in the throes of bondage. Apparently this “Knotty” behavior has succeeded in working it’s way out of the dungeons of the darker and danker S & M parlors, and made it’s way, right into the bedrooms of your Average Joe and Joan, with a vengeance!

Tying Up Loose EndsNow what I have found most interesting in these interviews, is that it seems that the one that really gets off on being tied up, is not, as you might assume, the weaker, shy submissive one in the couple, nor is this the case when we are talking to singles, as well. No, in fact, just the very opposite seems to be the truth. It turns out that, the ones that like to get tied up the most, are in fact, the more successful, corporate management types, or the foreman or supervisor at some fairly large and successful companies.

So the first myth that must immediately be put to death is that “Bondage is for weak, pathetic losers!” Couples say that the act of tying one another up and then servicing them sexually when they are completely vulnerable, has actually created a much stronger bond of trust and connection between the lovers. There is strength in it!

Remember when you start to experiment with bondage, even light bondage, in the very beginning stages, there is a psychological barrier that has to be adapted to and eventually crossed, so be sure to start off with an agreed set of rules and limitations. Perhaps set a timer for 15 minutes, at which point the captive is instantly released, no matter how much fun the captor is having at the moment.

Agree to start gentle and without any of the heavy punishment, humiliation, or additional accessories that one tends to see in movies about such subjects. Most adult bookstores have some very inexpensive restraints that are made of materials from cotton to silk, so there is no chaffing, burning or tearing of skin. Blindfolds can really create some absolutely steamy situations, that neither one of you will soon forget! The inability to see what is coming next, truly adds to the sensation of being “BOUND!”

Make Her Cum

Remember, the concept is to make this sexually stimulating and pleasurable for your mate, so that they will enjoy the experience and want to allow you to play again, and perhaps adventure further, with each new experience. Some people enjoy being called dirty names while incarcerated, and want to be lightly slapped, spanked, or whipped, others hate it, so experiment, but start out gentle and always stop when the captive shows signs that it is painful, or they are beginning to freak out and get angry or scared.

Things go better when the love-play remains caring and adoring, and the captor is simply in a more advantageous position to “Please and Tease” the more vulnerable mate who is currently tied up at the moment. Use gentle kisses and light licks of the tongue, all over the body, the chest, thighs, under-arms, and feet. Massage, caress, rub, and perhaps even temperately tickle the subdued partner, but remember, that many people have a very phobic aversion to being held down and tickled, so if they begin to get nervous or panic, stop immediately. The sudden realization that you can’t get away, can get freaky, fast!

One of the most fun things about having a lover confined by various restraints, and unable to move or escape, is the pleasure that both you and the immobile partner can experience with the addition of various foods and drink.

I will tell you right now that one of the most erotic experiences in the entire world, as far as I am concerned, is to drink a quality champagne or fine wine out of the vagina of one of my female play-pals. It not only seems to add an additional buzz to the bubbly beverage, but truly creates a most provocative aromatic bouquet and taste, that, basically, for my money, cannot be matched by any $500.00 bottle of anything. Pussy just makes wine and Champaign taste better! As far as I am concerned, this is a veritable fact that is not even open to debate.

Interestingly enough, women who would normally slap your face if you ever tried to get them to taste the ambrosia that cums forth from their glorious cootch, may now seem all too wiling allow you to dribble some of the intoxicating elixir down their throats in a passionate kiss, if you will just bring up to them from the vaginal vault down below.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Women also seem to really get off on the idea that you are being so totally turned on to drink something out of their pussy. It is some sort of an ego rush or sense of self-satisfaction, but it really tends to make the woman feel great about herself, and she often ends up enjoying the experience as much if not more than the man. I have, on some occasions, experienced women having more than one moderate sized orgasm, just from having me drink from her “Treasure Trough,” without any manual clitoral stimulation or anything else involved. Just some serious drinking at “Heaven’s Hole!”

Don’t forget to eat your fruits and vegetables, my dear. There’s nothing grander than a delectable salad, eaten directly off of your mate. Then of course there is dessert, like whipped cream and strawberries, honey, or even chocolate sauce, caramel, or peanut butter, licked off their bound bodies, like a dessert buffet tray. Have her suck and lick some dessert off of your cock while she is tied up and at your mercy. She’ll squeal with delight and probably cum again!

Want to triple the size of her orgasm? Hold a vibrator firmly to their clit and proceed to plunge a lubed dildo in and out of her vagina. Now add a smaller well-lubed dildo or butt plug to her anus, and watch the fireworks. The very fact that she can’t stop it, as she approaches climax, sends her into an utterly spastic exposition of contortionist gymnastics.

It’s all good! Remember to keep it fun, safe, pleasurable, respectful and consensual, and I guarantee that both of you will have at least an interesting time, if not a downright “Rodeo or Rowdy Randiness. Tell em’ Austin. “Yeah, baby, yeah!!!”

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