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Uh-Oh, Size Does Matter

Hold on, hold on, before you run off and get all depressed or start to accuse your lady of being a dirty, stinking liar, hear me out here, or more appropriately, hear out the 3,500 women poled, before you jump to any rash decisions, cause this is actually pretty damned fascinating and over-all, really great news for most guys.

Uh-Oh, Size Does MatterTurns out size really does matter to the ladies, but what seems to come up by far more often in this particular category, is the fact that many women simply cannot handle very large penises. They often tend to fear them, they truly don’t like them, and they will avoid them at all costs if they are able to, because they just plain “HURT!”

Most women say that their vagina can easily adapt to a medium sized, and even a very small penis, and allow their “One Size Fits All” pussy to constrict and cozy on up to the more reasonably sized peters, but that men with very large penises, particularly wide with girth, can often cause their vaginal muscles to work too hard to adapt to the extreme size, which creates muscle stress and tension, leading to anxiety, fear and basically having a rather bad time.

Also most women say that men with smaller penises are far more concerned and compassionate lovers, who seem to go out of their way to try to make the female comfortable and is a lot more likely to make sure that their partner is satisfied before taking off and leaving them in a humped clump of badly bumped, glump!

Play Safe

Apparently guys with big cocks are not only far more selfish and careless, but often aggressive and often nasty, often to the point of violence. There is this prevailing attitude with large dicked men, who live life as if they are doing the woman a huge favor (pun intended) just to allow them the opportunity to be impaled on their lust lance. Also, because men with very long dongs, can rarely experience full penetration with a regular sized woman, they seem to get an attitude of aggressive frustration that they can’t fully dip their wick.

Most women prefer a smaller to medium sized man, who is happy to be there and will treat them like a lover, not a filthy fuck-bucket to be banged around and then kicked aside when they have had their jollies. Some women do say that they actually do enjoy and occasionally crave the thicker penis, as they claim it makes them feel all “FULL” and fulfilled. A little stretch can be an exciting turn-on, but too much of a tug, and there again is that unwanted pain and fear at the doorstep.

So size does matter, but it’s just the opposite of what most guys feared the truth might turn out to be. Here’s a big, or should I say, small surprise, the favorite length for a perfect penis, according to the averaging out of 3,500 women. 5 and a half inches. That’s right my friends, 5 and one half inches. Read em’ and weep you 8 inch giants!

I’ve been asked if there is a way to effectively enlarge the penis, and you know what? There is – using natural hand exercises.

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