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Vigrx Pills – Are Volume Pills Safe?

There are many male sex pills available on the market and through the internet. VigRX is a brand that keeps popping up. How safe are these pills and how effective are they? The makers of this pills claim to have helped “millions" of users. As with most all-naturals sex enhancement pills this product claims to have the following benefits:

* Increase penis size
* Get increased sexual stamina
* Harder and longer lasting erections
* Increased sex drive

Some distinguishing factors for VigRX include exclusive ingredients such as Bioperine®. Bioperine comes from the fruit of Piper Nigrum, also known as Black Pepper or Piper Longum (Long Pepper). Bioperine is composed of 95% piperine. The manufacturer claims that Bioperine safely will increase the absorption of nutrients it is combined with to make the supplement work better.

Vigrx Pills

One big negative with this product is that it tends to be more expensive than many other similar products. While the VigRX site logically focuses on the products formulation and sexual benefits it turns out that many of the ingredients have antioxidants that may also be a factor in overall well being. In general the health industry agrees that while certain extracts may help make erections fuller and last longer, they most likely do not add to actual increase in penis size.

Vig RX Ingredients are:

* Epimedium leaf or Horny Goat Weed, – increases the libido
* Cuscuta Seed Extract – increases potency
* Ginkgo Biloba – improves blood flow plus enhances mental acuity
* Asian Red Ginseng – boost stamina and endurance
* Saw Palmetto Berry – helps to increase sexual desire
* Muira Pauma Bark Extract – a known aphrodisiac
* Catuba Bark Extract – boosts energy and increases libido
* Hawthorn Berry – contributes to cardiovascular health
* Critics of the product suggest the addition of the Yohimbe extract a common but deliverable component in male sex enhancing products for improved results of the product.


Product Pros:

* Offers a money back guarantee
* Claims doctor recommendations
* Lists and describes all the key ingredients
* Formulated with mostly natural ingredients

Product Cons:

* No free samples
* Does not contain the key Yohimbe ingredient
* More expensive than similar products
* Does not post reviews from womenBefore using any supplement or Male Sex Enhancement product make certain to review all the available options thoroughly. Check out a review site like www.malesexenhancement.org for a comparison of all the best selling products.

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