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Volume Normal-What Is The Average Penis Size?

It is a question that men never wanted to ask publicly but we secretly wanted to know. Most men equate their size of their penis with their masculinity. The bigger it is, the more of a man they are. Ever since pornography becomes widely seen, most men would tend to compare their own size with male porn actors. Film porn studios would tend to hire guys that have a bigger than average penis size and are least likely to hire a person who is not well endowed. This makes most men to think their most prized anatomy is very small but actually have normal length penises. Also, there are no studies to prove that the size of their sexual organ and the virility of a person are related.

Studies demonstrates the average penis size when flaccid (not erect) is between three and four inches long. When the it is fully erect, the average erect size is between five and seven inches. If it measures less than three inches long when erect, then you have a condition called micropenis. You might think these guys are not capable of inseminating and satisfying a female but studies have proved that they are very capable in exciting a woman. It confirms the statement that most women say, “…size doesn"t make any difference but how you use it".

A common myth with most people is that a tall man will tend to be more well endowed. In fact, studies have shown that there is no correlation between height, race and penis size.