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Volume Pills-She is Faking It, Accept It Or Go For Performer5

Most women at some stage or another in their lives have faked it after a disappointing performance in bed.  It is a stand in joke with most people but it is hardly unusual, a study has shown a massive 60% of woman have indeed faked an orgasm in bed with a man. It is surprisingly easy to spot the signs, as no matter how impressively vocal the woman is being, her physical reactions will betray her, if you know the signs to look for you will be able to differentiate between a true genuine orgasm and a fake orgasm.

Just before a true orgasm, a woman’s chest will suddenly become red and blotchy almost like a rash; her nipples will be very erect as blood rushes into them. Not so easy to tell with this one but the lips of the vagina (the labia) will enlarge and swell and turn bright red or pink, perhaps not advised that you try to spot it this way, there is another involuntary action that will tell you for certain if a woman really is faking it. During a genuine orgasm, there will be small contractions inside her vagina, these are almost impossible to fake.

Volume Pills

You should not feel offended if you discover that she is faking it, as most woman do it purely to spare you the embarrassment. It’s preferable to them telling you that you’re actually rubbish in bed isn’t it? They want you to believe that they are having the time of their life. Feel flattered that she is going to all this trouble to boost your ego. There is an awful lot of pressure on a woman to orgasm, just like there is for a man to be an Adonis between the sheets and added expectation to seem as if she is enjoying it and at times it just doesn’t happen. It may not always be that she is not enjoying it she may just feel shy and less confident at expressing herself in the bedroom. In any event, you should discuss with your partner what she likes and what makes her feel good and even try telling her that you don’t mind if she has an orgasm on not. (Even though we know you do!)  Sometimes when the pressure is lifted, the woman can let go of her inhibitions. On the other hand, there are also situations where the woman is accused of faking it when she really isn’t and when she insists she’s not you still won’t believe her!

But if you had faith in your abilities to please a woman you would not feel this paranoid, you need to get some of that self confidence back. You can either accept that she is faking it, if you truly believe she is or you can try Performer5. With this male volume enhancing pill, more potent ejaculate, harder orgasms, and extraordinarily great orgasms with increased fertility and sexual stamina there will never be any doubt that those moans of ecstasy aren’t real. You can start performing like a real man.




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