Volume Pills Reviews – Best Sperm Pills To Increase Ejaculation

More Ejaculate Volume-Best ways to increase Semen Production

If you are fed up with your weak disappointing ejaculations, the problem could well be that you are suffering from low semen production. But have no fear — there are ways to rectify this problem.

The average male will only produce about 2 to 5ml of semen during ejaculation but this can sometimes be significantly lower. You should try to limit your sexual activity if you want to improve your semen as very frequent sex and masturbation will affect the quality and consistency of the semen as your body can only give out so much at one time.

More Ejaculate Volume

If you are carrying any extra weight this could also have a considerable impact on your semen production. Extra fat contributes to higher levels of estrogen in the body which inhibit the production of testosterone (the male sex hormone). If your levels of testosterone are particularly low this not only decreases your libido and virility, it can make your chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction much more likely and will result in you being unable to produce an adequate amount of semen. So to make sure you get the most out of your semen you should make sure that you get as much moderate exercise as possible, there are certain exercises that really will boost your semen levels, a few examples of these are; deadlifts, chin ups, squats and bench presses.

Diet is another crucial factor when it comes to semen production. Foods that contain Zinc e.g. red meat, celery, pumpkin and celery seeds, are very beneficial and very effective at giving semen volume a boost as well as offering obvious health benefits. With all this is mind it is well worth incorporating into your diet. Be sure to keep well hydrated and drink plenty of water, this will encourage semen production. As it goes without saying that if your body is dehydrated and body lacks nutrition it is not going to function as it should and semen production will be affected.

If all else fails there are a number of natural ejaculation volume pills available. They usually consist of traditional herbs, vitamins and minerals that are clinically proven to increase the ejaculate volume and help you to attain rock hard erections, additionally increasing the power of ejaculate resulting in amazing orgasms. However it is difficult to know which one of these natural volume pills really will improve semen quantity and quality. One natural ejaculation improvement pill you need to try is Performer5.

More Ejaculate Volume

Performer5 is a highly potent blend of Zinc, Pomegranate extract, L-arginine and Mucuna Pruriens. With no harmful chemicals, this clinically approved male enhancement product is highly approved and used by world class porn stars because it dramatically increases semen production, resulting in intense ejaculations like you’ve never experienced before and boosts sexual appetite and stamina. It is now no secret how porn stars wow the audience with their staying power. Just one tablet a day is all you need to achieve great fulfilling sex and it can be purchased from its official website.