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What is Normal Semen

What is Normal Semen

There are a lot of men out there who worry about their semen and most of this worry comes from watching porn films and seeing how these stars ejaculate massive amounts of semen and seem to ejaculate for long periods of time too. It leads these men to believe that they need better semen production and that there is something wrong with them.

What is Normal SemenBut what is normal semen? How much should you have and how long should you ejaculate for? This all depends on your semen production and your hormones and in order to fully understand this you need to understand what semen is, where it is made and what the normal semen volume is.

Semen is a whitish or grey liquid that is emitted during ejaculation. This semen contains the sperm and secretions of from the glands of the male reproductive organs. The purpose of this semen is for reproduction but the ejaculation of semen is accompanied by orgasm and sexual pleasure for men too.

Semen is made up of the secretions of several different glands but only 5% of this comes from the testicles. Normal semen volume is said to be 1 to 5.6 millilitres per ejaculation. If this is too low or too high it can lead to fertility problems.

There are a number of causes for low semen volume and these can include blockages in the ejaculation duct and hormonal abnormalities to name but a few. If you think that you don’t produce enough semen or you want to prolong your ejaculations like those studs in the porn movies then help is at hand. There are pills on the markets that are called volume enhancers and these help to improve your ejaculation.

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These volume enhancing pills work to provide your body with all the nutrients that it requires to improve and increase your sperm production. These nutrients also help to provide increased blood supply to the penis and this in turn gives you much more powerful erections and longer lasting orgasms too.

If you feel like you need better semen production then Volume Pills can help from day 1. They give their users a 500% increase in semen production, more powerful ejaculations, improved virility and staying power and much more. They are perfect for anyone who is suffering from fertility or erection problems and the best thing of all is that they work really quickly with most men reporting results in just a matter of days.