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What is Volume Normal Semen?

Porn films have put the pressure on men. There are many men who have concerns about their semen and much of their worries comes from watching porn stars and their huge amount of semen. This is what leads men to believe that they need to better their semen production and that there"s something wrong with them.

So what is normal semen? How much ejaculation should you have and how long?

Well it all depends on your production of sperm and hormones, and to understand that you have to understand what is semen, where it takes place and what the normal amount is. Semen is a whitish or grey fluid that"s released during ejaculation. This semen contains sperm and secretions from male sex glands. Semen"s purpose is for reproduction, but it is accompanied by ejaculation orgasm and sexual pleasure for men. Semen is formed from secretions of various glands, but only 5% of that comes from the testicles.

The number of normal semen is said to be 1 to 5.6 milliliters per ejaculation. If its too high or too low it can cause infertility. There are many reasons for low semen volume, it can be blockage in the ejaculation duct or hormonal abnormalities, just to name a few.

Want to produce more semen or you want to prolong you ejaculations like those porn stars?

There are pills that are available, volume enhancers are here to help you improve your ejaculation. These pills will also, give your body the nutrients it needs to increase and improve your semen production. Nutrients that will increase blood flow to your penis, which will give you a more intense erection and lasting orgasms. These volume enhancing pills are for those that suffers from fertility or erections problems and they work fast, many men are seeing results in only a matter of days.