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What’s Good For The Gander, Is Good For The Goose

Most men have the most ridiculous attitudes about foreplay. They treat it as if it is some sort on penance that they have to pay for some crime supposedly committed, or an act of punishment dolled out by some imaginary authoritative establishment, that just wants to make things tough on them, and impede their progress toward getting laid, but there is nothing further from the truth! If you are suffering from premature ejaculation or have low sperm count, then we will suggest you that Volume Pills can help you to increase your semen and treat premature ejaculation.

Whats Good For The Gander Is Good For The GooseGuys, foreplay is our friend! It helps us to get where we want to end up in a perfectly logical and well planned manner, that practically guarantees that we get exactly what we want, and if we pay careful attention to doing an explicitly effective job, perhaps a lot more than we ever anticipated or dreamed of! Learn to massage, to whisper, to kiss and nibble, in order to spark the flames of passion, before you try to jump and bump!

O.k., we’ve now mastered the fine art of the “Tease” and we know how to apply it to the woman’s various erogenous zones, including the mind! Excellent, now we need to look seriously at the science of foreplay. According to most dictionaries, the most common definition of foreplay is: “Sexual stimulation preceding intercourse.” So what does that tell you? Well, a master knows that such stimulation begins way before you have her on the couch or on the bed; it’s everything that goes on between the two of you from the moment that you first lay eyes on each other, to the moment of actual sexual penetration.

Finding And Working The Erogenous Zones

In other words, foreplay is everything that happens before you actually do the deed, how you talk, stand, look at her, pour your drink, eat your food, drive the car, walk, talk, it’s all part of foreplay. Keep that in mind, because, just as we discussed that the “MIND” is the most sensitive and effective erogenous zone in both males and females, so also is “Foreplay” everything that transpires between you and your partner before the moment of having sex.

All socialization and cultural mores set aside, when it comes to sex, most women really do want their men to be “Manly Men,” and they want to be free to be fully feminine women, so learn to be the confident, masculine gentleman. Open her door, pour her drink, take her by the hand and lead her as you walk, put your arm around her waist, give her caresses, kisses, massage, tell her how beautiful her eyes are, whisper sweet nothings into her ears, and make her feel utterly gorgeous and sexy.

As physical contact ensues, take it slow, be romantic, yet be firmly masculine. Take control of the situation and assert the “Alpha Male” qualities that genetically get her wet between the legs. Be kind, gentle, caring, and considerate, but take control. Use your hands and mouth to calm and caress, before stimulating and seducing. Then you can easily take her, again and again. Dudes, foreplay is an attitude and a style. It is our friend!

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